I want to refund Star Beats (purchase cancellation)

Refund Conditions:

Refund conditions are like the below.

  • 7 days within the purchase date

Refund is not allowed for conditions like below:

  • After 7 days from purchased date

  • Used paid subscription at least once despite 7 days within purchase date (Example: Downloaded a video once)

  • Member's negligence

If a minor has transacted without the consent of a legal representative, the minor or the legal representative may cancel the purchase.

Only, if the minor has deceived to act as an adult or as if consent has been made by the legal representative, it cannot be canceled.

If request to cancel/refund the subscription repeatedly in same reasons or continue to cancel/refund the subscription with unjustified reasons, you may be restricted in service use.


Refund Process:

  1. Google Play Payment:

    • [Purchased in less than 48 hours] Access Play Store>Select Menu-Account-Order History> Select [Request Refund] or [Report a problem]> Complete a form on your refund decision and submit

    • [Purchase passed 48 hours] Access Play Store> Visit Mubeat APP [Additional information]> Check developer's contact information and make inquiry

  2. Apple Payment: Go to Apple App Store's refund site (> Select Mubeat app's [Report a problem]> Report your refund decision and submit

*Please make sure that a full refund may take some time to be processed.