2021. 02. 03
TV Spot winner is? Lim Young Woong 🎉

Who will be the “Artist of the Month” in <THE SHOW> TV Spot?


 🎉 Lim Young Woong🎉 

-The Artist of the Month with the most accumulated votes during 4th week of December ~ 3rd week of January (4wks) 

-Benefits like Home pop-up display and video ad in the Mubeat app are given.

-Ad will be broadcasted for the month of February on Channel MBC M's programs.

-Any upcoming changes will be updated on this notice.


*The accumulated votes during 4th week of November ~ 3th week of December (4wks) are?

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**Ongoing Artist of the Month vote is? 👉Click(The link only works on mobile devices)