2020. 04. 16
Give a <THE SHOW> TV spot by voting on Mubeat

How can I globally promote my IDOL?

With Mubeat Weekly Vote, give them the <THE SHOW> TV spot!



The artist with the most accumulated votes for four weeks will be chosen as the "Artist of the Month." 

The chosen artist's TV spot, made by Mubeat, will be broadcasted on domestic and foreign TV channels during <THE SHOW> as a mid-program ad for one month.


Vote for your bias!




How is the TV spot broadcasted?

The TV spot is broadcasted for 15 seconds as a mid-program ad during <THE SHOW>. It will be on SBS MTV, SBS FiL, and 18 TV channels in Southeast Asia 60 times for a month (4 weeks). The schedule and channels may change due to broadcasting company issues. 


How are the nominees selected?

10 artists are nominated based on the Mubeat Weekly Chart ranking. When there are two songs by one artist, the song with a higher rank will be nominated. The Weekly Chart is updated every Monday at 9:00 (KST), and you can check the rank on Mubeat Chart>Weekly tab in the app. 


How can I vote?

Go to Mubeat app>Vote>Mubeat tab and vote for your artist on Mubeat Weekly Vote.

Mubeat Weekly Vote period: Monday 18:00 ~ Next Monday 15:00 (every week)


What does “accumulated votes” mean?

Each artist’s votes on the Mubeat Weekly Vote, for the span of one month, added together.


Even if the artist never placed in 1st on the Mubeat Weekly Vote, can the artist be chosen as the “Artist of the Month” if they have the most accumulated votes?

“Artist of the Month” is chosen based on the accumulated votes of one month, regardless of the ranking of the Mubeat Weekly Vote. 

(Check out the prize for the winner of the Mubeat Weekly Vote)


How is the “Artist of the Month” announced?

The winner will be announced on the Mubeat webpage and the pop-up in the app.