2024. 01. 04
[Mubeat News] Where did MINGYU’s passport go….? ✈️ 🧳

[여권을 잃어버린 민규….? 사라진 여권의 행방은? ✈️ 🧳]


1월 3일 오후, 나나투어 with 세븐틴의 제작발표회가 있었다. 제작발표회 중 멤버 민규가 여행 첫날부터 여권을 잃어버렸다는 일화를 전했다.


보딩하기 직전까지 여권을 찾고 있었고, 팬들도 함께 여권 찾는걸 도왔지만 결국 찾지 못했다고 얘기했다. 알고보니 멤버 도겸이 민규의 여권과 비행기 티켓을 들고 탔지만 결국엔 비행기를 탔다고 밝혔다. 그 영상을 팬들이 찍고 나영석 PD 에게 공유를 했는데 그때의 상황이 방송에서 재밌게 나올것 같다 라고 밝혔다.


나나투어는 세븐틴 멤버들과 가이드로 재취업한 여행 예능 20년 차 베타랑인 나영석 PD와 함께 이탈리아로 여행을 떠난 여정을 담은 프로그램이다.tvN 채널에서 방송될 예정이며 1월 5일 저녁 8시 40분에 첫 방송을 할 예정이다.


[Where did MINGYU’s passport go….? ✈️ 🧳]

On January 3rd, after noon, the press call of ‘NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN’ was held. During the press conference, a member of SEVENTEEN, MINGYU mentioned a story where he lost his passport during the first day of traveling.


He stated that he was looking for his passport until the boarding time, and even his fans helped him search for his passport. In the end, he was not able to find his passport, and couldn’t get on the plane. Later on, he found out that the DK was the one that took his passport, and even went on the plane with his passport plus his plane ticket. 

That moment was captured by their fans and shared to Na Young Seok PD, and he expects that it’d be fun to watch.


NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN is a variety show with SEVENTEEN and Na Young Seok PD, who has 20 years of experience working as a variety show PD. They will be going on a trip to Italy together to capture moments of their friendship. NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN will be aired on tvN. First episode will be aired on January 5th, at 20:40 (KST).