2022. 12. 28
Announcement Regarding Music Bank "Mubeat K-POP Fan Voting"

Regarding Music Bank “Mubeat K-POP Fan Voting” Inquiries


Starting from January 6th (Ep.1146), “Mubeat K-POP Fan Voting” will be added to Music Bank’s K-Chart.

Mubeat K-POP Fan Voting


  • After “Mubeat K-POP Fan Voting,” the scores will be reflected proportinally according to the rankings on Music Bank’s K-Chart.

  • “Mubeat K-POP Fan Voting” will be held every week, from 11AM, Monday (KST) to 11AM,Wednesday (KST). The voting period can be changed due to circumstantial issues.

  • Only Heart Beats can be used to vote and there is no limit in the number of votes that can be cast.


Details regarding “K-Chart” rankings are available on Music Bank’s official website after the broadcast ends.


Q. How are votes from “Mubeat K-POP Fan Voting” reflected to Music Bank scores?

A. After “Mubeat K-POP Fan Voting,” the scores will be reflected proportinally according to the rankings on Music Bank’s K-Chart.

Q. How can I participate in “Mubeat K-POP Global Fan Voting?”

A. Enter the app and press the icon at the center of the bottom tab > Tap on Music Bank > Click on the post for the current episode.

Only Heart Beats can be used to vote. Three Heart Beats are needed for each vote. There is no limit regarding the number of votes that can be cast.


Q. I voted, but the vote count is not updated right away.

A. Mubeat votes are updated in real-time. However, when there are many people voting simultaneously, the vote count may be updated after a delay. Votes that are completed normally are all reflected to the tabulation process.


Q. How can I get my voting certificate?

A. Voting certificates can be created by clicking the medal icon in the top-right corner of the page you voted on. The number of total votes cast for the artist you voted for the most will be displayed on the certificate.


Q. How can I sign up to Mubeat and verify my e-mail?

A. E-mail, SNS accounts (Facebook or Twitter), and Apple accounts can be used to sign up. E-mails are used to verify accounts. The detailed e-mail verification guide can be found in the URL below.

E-mail verification guide: 


Q. Can I vote by creating multiple accounts?

A. Mubeat is a global service that holds votes for global users.

Please understand that it is difficult to verify users through certificates and mobile devices like other local services, due to the nature of global votes.

Mubeat is constantly monitoring the votes in real-time to prevent fraudulent voting and is restricting users from creating accounts with temporary e-mail accounts. Also, the number of ads that can be watched per device is restricted to prevent fraudulent voting. We ask for your understanding.


Q. I suddenly can’t view ads or the ad is taking too long to load.

A. When numerous ads are watched continuously on one device or account, ad requests from that account or device may be blocked. If this is not the case, send an e-mail directly to


Q. I can’t log into the app using an ID I created an account with before.

A. Multiple e-mail accounts created using irregular Google IDs or temporary e-mail sites are not considered as regular accounts and thus are banned from logging in. Mubeat is making constant efforts to prevent fraudulent voting.


Q. I completed an ad mission but I didn’t get any Heart Beats.

A. Heart Beats from ad missions may be distributed after a delay according to the provider’s company policies. Please check again at another time after closing the app. The conditions for the ad must be met to obtain Heart Beats for ad missions, so please check the specific conditions for each ad. If you have completed the mission before or have installed the app previously, you cannot obtain Heart Beats.

If you have not received Heart Beats even after checking the information above, please use the route below to contact the ad provider directly.


  • How to contact offerwall providers:

Store> Get Beats> Click "Participate in missions"> Click the hamburger button on the top bar of the Tapjoy offerwall mission page> Reward Status> Reward Details > Click "Request Support" 

  • How to contact Buzzvil providers: Store> Get Beats> "Participate in missions [Buzzvil]" button> Click the question mark button on the top left corner.

  • How to contact Beatmall: contact via e-mail


Q. How can I get Star Beats refunded?

A. Refunds are conducted according to the refund regulations of the platform the purchase was made on.

  • For Google Play payments:

[When less than 48 hours have passed from the purchase] Play Store> Order History> Select Mubeat > [Report a Problem]> Submit the reason for the refund request

[When more than 48 hours have passed since the purchase] Play Store> Mubeat app page> Make an inquiry through the developer's contact information

  • For Apple payments:

1) Go to

2) Sign in with your Apple ID and password

3) Tap or click "I'd like to," then choose "Request a refund."

4) Choose the reason why you want a refund, then choose Next.

5) Choose the app, subscription, or another term then choose Submit.

* Please understand that some time may be needed for the refund to be fully processed.


Q. I want to vote but I can’t watch ads or access the store.

A. If you didn’t download Mubeat from the official Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or if you are residing in a region that does not support Google services (E.g: China), you may not be able to watch ads or access the store.

If you cannot access the app or vote, use the Mubeat app after downloading it from the official Stores.

If you cannot get Beats due to issues related to accessing the store or watching ads, use the ad missions.

Mubeat will provide improved services by making an effort to host votes in a better way. Thank you for your interest and active participation.