2019. 04. 01
[Mubeat Article] Mubeat, KPOP video platform for international fans, launches Mubeat+

[Mubeat Article] 

Kpop Video Platform, Mubeat, Launches Premium Service, Mubeat+

-Launched various functions such as ad skip, download, HD, TV connection, and more


Kpop Video Platform, Mubeat, Launches Premium Service, Mubeat+

Launched various functions such as ad skip, download, HD, TV connection, and more

Kpop video platform, Mubeat has launched its premium service, on April 1st, 2019, called Mubeat+. The new service consists of ad skip, video download that does not require an internet connection when watching, 1080P HD, subtitles & romanizations, and TV connection that allows you to watch Kpop clips on wide screen. This premium service can be enjoyed with a monthly subscription($4.99 per month / $3.99 for automatic payment).


Mubeat is a platform for Kpop fandoms where it provides stage clips from the past to the latest of Kpop idols such BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, TWICE, TXT, ITZY, and many more. On Mubeat, you can conveniently watch MBC, SBS, KBS, MBC Plus, SBS Plus official stage clips, as well as various Kpop contents such as MVs, exclusive contents and many more.


Mubeat has started its beta service in 2018 April and received abundant requests for downloading function from many international Kpop fans for the past year. Because the diverse Kpop fans mostly consist of teenagers and early 20s residing in countries with low internet service and costly cellular plan, being able to watch Kpop clips in HD without interruptions from the poor cellular network through downloading, was one of the most demanded functions.

With new Mubeat+ download function, the number of downloading videos is unlimited and the downloaded clips can be enjoyed during the subscription, regardless of the cellular network environment. Especially, only Mubeat+ users will be able to stream and download 1080P HD, where they can repeat watching clips of their bias limitlessly without any ads or the stress of worrying about their internet cost.


Moreover, Mubeat+ will be providing the function to watch the Kpop videos not only on mobile but also on TV through Chromecast or Apple TV, where users will be able to watch HD Kpop clips on their widescreen. (Service release to be around the middle of April)


Mubeat is currently providing lyric captions in not only Korean and English, but also in romanization for international users to sing along with their artists, as well as subtitles in Korean, English, Spanish, Portuguese for interviews, variety shows, and many more exclusive contents to help fans understand the clips better. Henceforth, subtitles in various language and exclusive contents are to be released in the near future for only Mubeat+ users.


All service excluding download, 1080P HD, TV connection will remain and be provided free for the users. Such service includes, users receiving an update every time there’s a new video of their favorite Kpop artists, videos organized by artist, member, album in Artist Channel, and fans being able to interact and communicate with other fans within their fandom on Community. Moreover, not only are there official stage clips of the groups, but also focused cams of individual members, Vertical Screen Mode that fits perfectly on the palm of your smartphone that lets you swipe from left to right to focus on your idol, Mubeat Chart where you can check the most popular songs and artists in real time, Kpop Quiz to test your love and knowledge for Kpop, variety of exclusive contents, and many more are waiting for you on Mubeat.

Mubeat, collected over 700,000 app download and 400,000 users of Kpop lover, is in preparation of service launch on East Asia and South Korea in 2019.