2018. 07. 31
[Mubeat Featured Article] Fancams

[Mubeat Featured Article]


Why is a Fancam an important factor for KPOP culture?


There are KPOP idols who got famous because of Fancams. Two most famous idols for Fancams are EXID Hani and GFRIEND Yuju. Hani’s Fancam saved EXID when they were not so popular, making hers the Legendary Fancam of KPOP. Yuju was also known for the Fancam where she got up various times after falling 8 times on stage on a rainy day. This made her popular because people admired her effort in a rough situation.


As proven, Fancams play a big role in catching some different images of certain idols. Fancams were actually taken by fans at first, as the name says it, but these days, broadcasting stations take them and upload them on the Internet after the music programs are released. Broadcasting stations take Fancams of each member and show what doesn’t appear on TV screens. It seems like KPOP fans are obsessed with what an idol does when the camera is not watching him or her while most Western fans look at the stage as a whole.


When taking a Fancam of a certain member, people usually take it on vertical mode for the efficiency of watching them on smartphones. Not only for Fancams, but many platforms are releasing contents on vertical screen mode. For example, Dingo released contents such as Sero Live and Sero Dance for their vertical screen mode clips. When fans watch anything vertically, they feel as if they are closer to the idols. And since fans want to see idols closely, the vertical mode contents are gaining popularity in the KPOP world.


According to ‘Internet Trends Report 2015’, smartphone users mostly use their phones in vertical mode even when watching things horizontally. Because of this, the Report assumed that there will be more contents on vertical screen mode appearing in the future. As it predicted, many platforms created vertical mode services, and currently, Youtube and Instagram offer videos on vertical mode.


Along this trend, the global KPOP video streaming service ‘Mubeat’ offers Fancams including the vertical mode ones. Mubeat staffs visited Show Champion from MBCPlus to take Fancams of the idols’ rehearsal and pre-recording, including the vertical mode Fancams. They are all uploaded in Mubeat application, and the Behinds include English subtitles for international fans.


It was possible to see that international fans wanted to watch Fancams of their favorite artists. The event that Mubeat held through Twitter to reveal Fancams of Stray Kids proved it. Fans had to reach a certain amount of Retweets on a post, and they were able to exceed the goal after a few hours. The Fancam released from the event, which is Stray Kids - Mirror, is still one of the Fancams with the highest views. Moreover, there are Fancams on TWICE preparing for a stage, LOONA’s rehearsal, SEVENTEEN’s Focused Cams, etc. in Mubeat.