2018. 04. 01
[Mubeat Article] K-pop video streaming service mubeat launching only in Brazil

[Mubeat Article]

K-pop video streaming service mubeat launching only in Brazil


A K-pop video streaming service, mubeat, started their service in Brazil in April of 2018. K-pop, which means Korea popular music, is gaining its fame all over the world. 80% of the views of K-pop Music Videos occur outside of Korea, and among South American countries, Brazil has the most K-pop fans. For this reason, mubeat chose Brazil as the first country to offer their service and started the Beta service in Brazil.


Mubeat gathers various K-pop videos in one place and offers them according to different artists. It is contracted with the biggest Korean broadcasting companies, such as MBC, SBS, KBS, MBC plus, SBS plus, etc., providing videos from all music programs and entertainment programs.

Based on the information from March, 2018, there are about 4 thousand channels of K-pop artists with 50 thousand video clips. In case of BTS, the world-wide famous K-pop artist, there are more than 300 official video clips of performances and entertainment programs with high quality.


Mubeat offers tools that K-pop fans truly want. For example, there are no commercials before the clips, videos are separated by artists and albums in their channels, English titles are given, artists are ranked based on the fans’ activities, etc. The function that fans like the most is the full screen vertical mode, which allows them to watch videos closer without rotating their own phones.


Mubeat opened a server in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and so users in Sao Paulo can watch videos at high speed. Also, mubeat is working with Brazilian fan communities to offer the best service fit for the country.


Mubeat can be downloaded by searching ‘mubeat’ in iOS App Store or Android Google Play Market. Currently, the use is for free, and after 3~6 months of Beta service, mubeat is planning to make it a paid service.