2024. 01. 08
Announcement & FAQ regarding <2023 Mubeat Awards>


1. What is the “2023 Mubeat Awards?”

‘Mubeat Awards’ is an independent awards ceremony hosted solely by Mubeat, where global K-POP fans can vote for their favorite artists.

Thanks to Mubeat’s International users for all of your love and support, we were able to hold our fifth Mubeat Awards!


Are you guys ready to vote for the artists who made your 2023 full of happiness?😉


2. When will the "2022 Mubeat Awards'' be held?

It will be held from January 15th, 2024 (KST) to January 29th, 2024 (KST) only through the Mubeat app.


3. What benefits will the 1st place artist receive?

The winners for each category will receive both offline and online benefits related to advertising! 

We’re back with a lot more benefits than last year, so we hope to see many of you participating 😘


-Offline Benefits

1. Gangnam Station Guyjeong Building

2. Coes 9to9 Cube

3. Airport Railroad Digital Signage (Seoul Station, Gongdeok, DMC, Incheon International Airport)

*2/19 (Mon) ~ 2/25(Sun), For 1 week


-Mubeat APP Advertisement 

1. YouTube MV Advertisement on the Home feed 

YouTube MV ads will play 20,000 times in total on Mubeat App’s Home Feed

2. Video Advertisement 

The 2023 Mubea Award winner’s celebratory video will be played 100,000 times in total as a rewarded ad. Video ads can be found in Store > Watch Video Ads.

3. Beat Box 

Mubeat users who are following the winning artists’ channels will receive Beat Boxes for two weeks.

(If an artist wins multiple awards, Beat Boxes will be available for a longer time.)


4. What voting categories are there?

There are eight categories in total. 🔻


Artist of the Year

Song of the Year

MV of the Year

Best Rookie Artist

Best Solo Artist

Best Group Artist

Stage Stealer 

Promising Icon 


5. How are the nominees and winners of the vote selected?

<Nominees Selection Criteria>

- Eligibility Period: 2023/01/01~2023/12/31 

- Only artists who were active during the eligibility period can receive the awards, including OSTs and project songs and any released albums. (Songs/live audio from audition programs/TV shows, and remixes, and re-released songs are excluded)

- Accumulation of artist’s followers on Mubeat, views and chart rankings will not be accumulated. Only data collected over the eligibility period will be used for the words.

- Overlapping artists will be removed.


*Artist of the Year

-The TOP 20 artists with the most Mubeat followers.


*Song of the Year

-The TOP 10 Mubeat Weekly Chart Songs.

-Songs that won the Show Music Core pre-voting and APP live voting will be included. If multiple songs from the same artist are in the candidate pool, the song that received the most votes will be used for the Awards.


*MV of the Year

-The TOP 20 official MVs with the most views on Mubeat.


*Best Rookie Artist

-Male/Female solo/group artists that have the TOP 10 most followers on Mubeat and have debut in the eligibility period,


*Best Solo Artist

-The TOP 10 male/female solo artists with the most Mubeat followers.


*Best Group Artist

-The TOP 10 male/female groups with the most Mubeat followers.


*Stage Stealer 

-Performance clips that received the most buzz will be selected based on a separate criterion that takes the Mubeat follower count and Mubeat chart into consideration.


*Promising Icon

-The TOP 20 artists on Mubeat who debuted from 2021~2023 with the highest number of  Mubeat followers. (If artists are listed in the Artist of the Year or Best Rookie Artist Solo & Group Artist category, they will be exempted from this category.)


1. How can I vote? 

Enter the Mubeat APP > Vote > Click on the artist you want to vote for in any ongoing 2023 Mubeat Awards category using your Heart Beats! 


2. Is there a limit on voting? 

There are no limits on the number of categories or Heart Beats that can be used, nor are there limits on the times you can vote! Vote as much as the number of Heart Beats you have saved up💕

*Since there are no limits on voting, many users can participate in the voting near the end of the voting period. We recommend you guys to vote leisurely.


3. Do Mubeat Heart Beats have an expiration date?

Yes, they do.

Heart Beats expire after 90 days (KST) from the obtained date.

You can check the expiration date of the Heart Beats in My Page > Beats > Earned!

4. Can I vote using Star Beats?

No! Only Heart Beats can be used to vote in the Mubeat Awards.


5. How can I get my Voting Certificate?

Click on the medal icon in the top right corner of the page you voted on.

The certificate will include information on the total number of votes cast for the artist you voted most for.

6. Where can I check how many Heart Beats I have? 

You can check your Heart Beats in My Page > Beats.


7. Where and when can I check the voting results? 

The results of the votes will be available once the voting period ends. The results will be posted on the Mubeat app and website. Please look forward to it :)

8. I can’t sign up to Mubeat! How can I fix the issue?

Mubeat is currently constantly monitoring participation and activity related to voting.

However, during events with short voting periods, like the Mubeat awards, we experience issues with monitoring. So, we only allow whitelisted e-mail domains to be used for the sign-up process.


If you cannot sign up to Mubeat with your e-mail address, contact us through will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that inquiries are answered on a first-come-first-served basis, which means we may require some time to get back to your inquiry.

So, if you have a social media account, we recommend you sign up to Mubeat using those accounts. :)

[Obtaining Heart Beats]

1. Watching Video Ads 

You can watch up to 15 video ads per day. Click on Store > Get Beats > Watch video ads to watch them!

You can get three Heart Beats by watching one video ad!

(The video ad counter is reset at midnight (KST) every day. Please note that the reset time is in Korean Standard Time.)


2. Star Beat Playground

You can participate through Entering Mubeat APP > Store > Spin the Roulette / Roll the Dice

For one ticket, 10 Star Beats will be used. You can obtain Heart Beats as a reward by playing on  Spin the Roulette and Roll the Dice.


You can purchase Star Beats through the store.

3. Participating in a mission.

Enter Mubeat APP > Click BEAT MALL, and after shopping, you can obtain Heart Beats. 

You can also click on the missions on the bottom page and join. (Tapojy , Buzzbil, Ad Popcorn, TNK]


4. Mubeat Quiz

You can play the Mubeat Quiz through Entering Mubeat APP > Click More > Mubeat Quiz;

If you answer the questions correctly, you will be rewarded with Heart Beats.

(Heart Beats vary based on the quiz difficulty level.)

Go and check how much you know about K-POP by completing the Mubeat Quiz and obtain Heart Beats!

[Video Advertisement Issue]


Got any questions regarding video ads? Check the guide below!

>>Video Ad Issue FAQ<<

And that was it for the ‘2023 Mubeat Awards’ FAQ Guide!

Please read the information written above thoroughly, and if you still have questions, send feedback or e-mails through the routes below. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

-Feedback: APP Settings > Support > Send feedback

-E-mail: Contact 

(Send us the following information: Mubeat account information, a screenshot/video of the issue, country of residence, OS information, Mubeat version.)

*If you send us detailed info through feedback and e-mails, we can help you out even more.


Team Mubeat Out! See you next time!👋