2023. 11. 27
2023 Mubeat Global Choice Award with CIRCLE FAQ Guide


Hello, this is Mubeat.

The votes for the '2023 Mubeat Global Choice Award' with Circle Chart Music Awards will take place on Mubeat.

Now, we’ve compiled all the possible questions you might have and provided answers to them!😉




1. What is the '2023 Mubeat Global Choice Award?'

Just like last year, Mubeat will host the ‘2023 Mubeat Global Choice Awards’ with Circle Chart. Make sure to take this chance to gift a meaningful year to your favorite artist!


2. When will the 'Circle Chart Music Awards' be held?

The 'Circle Chart Music Awards' will be held on January 10, 2024, at 19:00 (KST), at BEXCO (Busan EXhibition & COnvention Center).


1. How will the nominees be selected for the '2023 Mubeat Global Choice Awards?'

The nominees will be selected purely based on the votes held on Mubeat.


2. How can I vote?

Any and all Mubeat users can vote.

However, only 'Circle Voting Tickets' can be used to vote for the '2023 Mubeat Global Choice Awards'. Star Beats and Heart Beats cannot be used.


3. What categories are there in the awards and when will the votes be held?

Votes will be held in three rounds (First, Second and Final Rounds) for each male and female category. The number of votes will not be accumulated and counted anew for each voting round.



2023 Mubeat Global Choice Awards Male Category

2023 Mubeat Global Choice Awards Female Category


[Voting Schedule]

Round 1: 2023.12.04 (18:00) ~ 2023.12.18 (12:00) (KST)

Round 2: 2023.12.18 (18:00) ~ 2024.01.01 (12:00) (KST)

Final Round: 2024.01.01 (18:00) ~ 2024.01.07 (23:59) (KST)


4. How can I get the voting tickets?

Voting tickets can be obtained by watching video ads and through spinning the roulette! 


[Watching video ads]

To watch video ads, please go to Circle Chart Voting Main Page> Get Voting Tickets> 'Watch Video Ads'.

You will get one Circle Chart voting ticket for every video ad successfully watched!

Only up to 15 ads can be watched per day. The counter is reset at 00:00 (KST) every day, so please keep that in mind! ✔️


[Spin the Roulette]

This a new method of getting the voting tickets!🎯

To access 'Spin the Roulette', please go to Circle Chart Voting Main Page> Get Voting Tickets> 'Spin the Roulette'.

You can use your Star Beats to participate in spinning the roulette! 10 Star Beats will be used per one spin.

The roulette can be played without limitations, and you can receive anywhere from 3 to 300 voting tickets.


We look forward to your participation as we plan to give out invitations to the users who have participated in spinning the roulette✔️

Please keep on eye on our social media for updates!👀

[How to Access the Circle Chart Voting Main Page]

(Shortcut: 🔗:

Enter the Mubeat App > Discover > ""Circle Chart Awards"" Spotlight > Circle Chart Voting Main Page > Circle Chart Voting Main Page

Enter the Mubeat App > Click the 3 dots on the top right corner > Click on the button on the top-right > Circle Chart Voting Main Page

5. Do the voting tickets have an expiration date? 

Yes, they do. 

Circle voting tickets can be used for 10 days from the obtained date. They will automatically expire in 10 days.

Also, Circle voting tickets expire when the final voting period ends.

(If the final votes end on January 7th, voting tickets obtained on January 7th can only be used for ONE day)


6. Where can I see my voting tickets?

You can check your voting tickets under 'My voting tickets' on the Circle Chart Voting main page.

You can find extra info regarding your voting tickets in 'My voting tickets,' such as the tickets' expiration dates! :)


7. When and where can I see the results of the votes?

The results will be revealed on the day of the Circle Chart Music Awards, scheduled for January 10th, 2024 (KST)!


[Video Ad Issues]

Experiencing problems with video ads? Check out the info below!


1, I can't watch the video ads. What should I do?

This could be because of many issues. Check the message that pops up after clicking 'Video Ads.' We'll help you out.


<Case #1>

Error Message: There aren't ads available at the moment. Please try again later.

Each country has a different amount of ads available. The message above appears when ads are depleted. Unfortunately, there is nothing Mubeat can do about this issue.


<Case #2> 

Error Message: 'Ad cannot be called. Please make sure there are no ad restrictions and that you are not in an ad-restricted region.'

Ads might not load for iOS users who have not allowed ad-tracking identifiers. Please check the settings below.


How to allow ad-tracking.

1. iOS Settings > Mubeat App > 'Allow Tracking'

2. iOS Settings > Privacy & Security > Tracking > Allow Tracking for 'Mubeat'

Also check if iOS Settings> Screen Time> Content & Privacy Restrictions> Allow Apps to Request to Track > 'Mubeat' is allowed


2. I watched a video ad, but I didn't get a voting ticket.

You can only receive a voting ticket if you finish watching the video ad completely. Check how much time there's left on the ad!

And that's the FAQ guide for the Circle Chart Music Awards!


If you still have any questions after reading the FAQ guide thoroughly, please send us a feedback or an email through the routes below. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Feedback: Enter the Mubeat App > My Page > Settings > Customer Support > Email inquiry


(Recommended info to be included: Mubeat account info, screenshot/video of the issue, country of residence, OS version information, Mubeat version information, etc)

*We can help you better if you send us detailed information when sending feedback or emails.


Team Mubeat out! See you next time! 👋