2023. 10. 13
[Mubeat News] ✈️ENHYPHEN travels through Japan, Italy and the United States! Being active all around

[✈️ENHYPHEN travels through Japan, Italy and the United States! Being active all around]

ENHYPHEN just finished promoting their 4th mini album ‘DARK BLOOD’ in June. Usually, artists have less opportunities of going on TV shows or performing, but starting off with their world tour ‘FATE’ in Seoul, ENHYPHEN is going around the world, working continuously through releasing a Japanese album, attending overseas festivals, and attending Fashion Week.

In August, 19-20, ENHYPHEN attended ‘SUMMER SONIC 2023’ which is the biggest music festival in Japan. They showed an exceptional performance by performing 12 songs in total with the band singing live. 

ENHYPHEN, is the ambassador of the brand ‘Prada’, and they attended the ‘PRADA 2024 WOMEN S/S Show’ which was held in Milan, Italy. ENHYPHEN was the only K-POP boy group to attend the Fashion Show. Out of the celebrities that attended the Milan Fashion Week, ENHYPHEN ranked #1 for celebrities with the highest media influence.

On October 6th, they successfully finished their first-ever concert in Los Angeles, United States. They also plan to visit the other 9 cities including Glendale, Houston, Dallas, Newark and Chicago to meet with their fans.


[✈️세계 각국을 돌아다니며 활발히 활동중인 엔하이픈]

엔하이픈은 지난 6월에 4집 미니 앨범 ‘DARK BLOOD’ 활동을 마쳤다. 활동은 끝났음에도 불구하고 엔하이픈은, 서울에서 월드투어 ‘FATE’ 로 시작해 일본 앨범 발매, 해외 페스티벌, 그리고 밀라노 패션위크 외에 활동을 하며 전 세계를 돌아다니고 있다.

지난 8월 19-20일엔 엔하이픈은 일본의 가장 큰 음악 페스티벌 ‘SUMMER SONIC 2023’ 에 참여하며 총 12곡을 라이브 밴드와 함께 무대를 선보였다.

현재 프라다 브랜드 앰버서더로 활동중인 엔하이픈은, 이탈리아, 밀라노에서 열린 ‘PRADA 2024 WOMEN S/S Show’ 에 참여하며 패션쇼 참가자 중 유일한 K-POP 보이그룹이었다. 그리고 이번 밀라노 패션쇼 참가자 중 엔하이픈은 미디어 영향력 가치 부분에서 1위를 했다.