2023. 10. 20
Ad Video Production Guideline for ‘Good Night Concert’

Ad Video Production Guideline



 1920*1280 px


30 Seconds

(If videos go over the designated length, it may be adjusted.)

Video Format:



How to enter


1. Email with mov file of the original video attached.

- The subject of the email should be * [Artist Name] Good Night Concert Video Proposal *

- Please include the producer’s ID, to be added in the video proposal, either in the video proposal itself or as a text in the email.


2. If there are 2 or more video proposals submitted, a vote will be held.

- Once the submission period is over, please check Mubeat’s official Twitter.


3. The video proposal with the most votes will be aired before/after the ‘Good Night Concert’




- Proposals that do not comply with the production guidelines will be eliminated.

- Only one video proposal can be submitted.

- Only videos that do not violate any copyright laws can be used. In the case of any copyright infringement, the applicant is responsible for all legal liabilities.

- Only videos of official members during the period of the video ad can be used.


* Any changes made will be announced in the Notice.