2023. 07. 25
Fraudulent Heart Beat and Vote Deduction Notice

Hello, this is Mubeat.

Mubeat strives to be a safe service for global fans to enjoy K-pop with. We also constantly monitor our user's activities and their votes.


A number of users have taken advantage of an in-app bug to illicitly earn Heart Beats and use them for voting. All illicitly earned Heart Beats and voting tickets that were purchased with these Heart Beats have been deducted.


User Information & Number of Votes Deducted for [Ep. 1174] Mubeat K-POP Fan Voting Nominees


Mubeat is making strenuous efforts to prevent fraudulent voting and to provide our users with a trustworthy service. We will continue to constantly monitor and improve our services so we can provide a safe and fair voting system. 


We promise to make efforts so we can provide better services. 

Please continue to support Mubeat.

Thank you.

User Information & Number of Votes Deducted for [Ep. 819] Global Pre Voting Nominees