2023. 02. 21
2022 Mubeat Awards Ad Image Production Guide

 Hongik University Station Airport Railroad Transfer corridor Airport MULTI-VISION  Ad Image Production Guide


(W) 1920  X (H) 1080 (px)

Please set the resolution to 300 when saving the image


Gangnam Station Media Filler Ad Image Production Guide


(W) 750  X (H) 1334 (px)

dpi 300


*Submission Deadline 

~2/22 KST


*The artist image will be applied to a template so please send in an image w/ no design.

*Please don’t forget to include the producer’s ID in the email. The ID will be added to the image. If the ID is not sent, the producer’s email address will be used instead.


How to enter

1️⃣ Send the artist image to

-Please send the email with the title *[Artist] [Category][Ad Location] Image Proposal Submission* 

-The image producer's ID will be on the final ad image. Please include the producer's ID in the body of the submission email.

2️⃣ If 2 or more image proposals submitted, a vote will be held.

-Once the submission period is over, please check the notice on Mubeat’s Official Twitter

Mubeat Twitter👉 Click

3️⃣ The proposal with the most votes will be used. 


-Proposals that do not comply with the image standards are eliminated. 

-Only 1 image proposal can be submitted to each category and ad location.

*The image will be applied to a template. Please send the initial image of the artist and refrain from adding any designsto the image.

(Submitting an additional image for a different winning category or a different ad location is allowed)

-The image will be applied to a template so please check the template size before sending in the proposal.

-Only photos that do not violate any copyright laws can be used. In the case of any copyright infringement, the applicant is responsible for all legal liabilities.

-Only images composed of official members during the ad period can be used.

*Any changes will be notified through the notice board.