2022. 07. 13
Mubeat X Ilgan Sports First half Wrap Up Tournament Nominee Criterion and Draw

Hello, this is Team Mubeat.


The following criterion was used for selecting the nominees and draw for ‘Mubeat X Ilgan Sports First half Wrap Up Tournament’.


Top 32 teams based on ‘Mubeat Video Chart’ during the period of Jan 1st ~ Jun 30th.

<Specific Criteria>

-For artists with both group and solo activities, group activities were included and solo activities were excluded

-For groups with more than 2 videos on the chart, the song with a higher score was included

-Project groups were excluded

-Regarding the draw for the tournament, artists were matched as follows; 1st Place - 32nd Place, 2nd Place - 31st Place, 3rd Place - 30th Place,..., 16th Place - 17th Place

-Tournament groupings were done randomly

Thank you.