2021. 12. 01
Mubeat Global Choice Awards with Gaon FAQ Guide


Hi, this is Mubeat!

Mubeat will be awarding the "Mubeat Global Choice Awards" for the 11th Gaon Chart Music Awards based on the voting held in Mubeat!

We’ll be explaining a few key aspects you might be curious about in further detail!

Then, shall we dive right in?




1. What is “Mubeat Global Choice Awards with Gaon”?

“Gaon Chart Music Awards” is an award ceremony held annually by “Gaon Music Chart”, an official music chart in South Korea.

Just as last year, Mubeat will be holding one of the categories of this award ceremony, which is none other than the “Mubeat Global Choice Awards”


Don’t miss this chance to give a special end-of-the-year gift to your favorite artist! 


2. When will the “Gaon Chart Music Awards” ceremony be held?

The Gaon Chart Music Awards ceremony will be held on January 27, 2022 (KST).




1. What is the nominee selection criteria for the Mubeat Global Choice Awards with Gaon? 

100% of the selection will be made by voting within Mubeat.


2. How can I participate in the voting?

If you're a Mubeat user, you can participate! 

However, please note that only “Gaon voting tickets” can be used to vote for the “Mubeat Global Choice Awards with Gaon” and Heart Beats and Star Beats cannot be used in this vote.

3. I'm curious about the voting categories and schedule!

Voting is conducted in 3 rounds (1st, 2nd, and final) for each male/female category, and the number of votes is not accumulated and starts anew for each voting round.


Mubeat Global Choice Award with Gaon Male Category

Mubeat Global Choice Award with Gaon Female Category

[Voting Schedule]

Round 1: 12/14 (12:00 KST) - 12/27 (20:00 KST)

Round 2: 12/28 (12:00 KST) - 1/10 (20:00 KST)

Final Round: 1/11 (12:00 KST) - 1/21 (20:00 KST)


4. How do I get voting tickets?

You are only able to get voting tickets by watching “video ads” which can be watched in the Gaon Voting Main Page> Get voting tickets> “Watch video ads”.

Each video ad successfully watched will get you 1 Gaon voting ticket!

Please note that you can watch a maximum of 15 video ads per day and it gets reset every day at 00:00 (KST)! ✔️

How to access Gaon Voting Main Page:

(Go directly🔗:

Enter Mubeat APP> Click the 3 dots on the top right corner> Gaon Chart Music Awards> Gaon Voting Main Page

Enter Mubeat APP> Click the Gaon voting spotlight> Gaon Voting Main Page

Enter Mubeat APP> Vote button> GAON MCA tab> Click ongoing voting> “Voting info and acquire voting tickets”> Gaon Voting Main Page


5. Do the voting tickets have an expiration date?

Yes, the voting tickets have an expiration date.

Gaon voting tickets can be used for 20 days from the date obtained, and will automatically expire in 20 days.

Gaon voting tickets expire when the final voting period ends.

(For example, as Jan.21st is the final voting date, voting tickets acquired on Jan.20 can only be used for ONE day.)


6. How do I check my voting tickets?

You can check your voting tickets under “My voting tickets” in the Gaon Voting Main Page.

You can find more info regarding your voting tickets like the expiration date by clicking on “My voting tickets”! ☺


7. When and how can I check the final voting results?

You can check the final voting results on the day of the Gaon Chart Music Awards, January 27th, 2022 (KST)!


[Video Ad Issue]

Experiencing some problems with video ads? Check out the info below!


1. I can’t watch “Video Ads”. What do I do?

There might be a couple of different reasons. Please check the message that appears after clicking “Watch video ads”. We’ll explain what’s going on for the different messages!

<Case 1>

Error message: “There aren't ads available at the moment. Please try again later.”

The amount of ads available for each country is different, and when ads are exhausted, the above message is shown. Please note that it is difficult for Mubeat to resolve such ad exhaustion issues😢 


<Case 2>

Error message: “Ad cannot be called. Please make sure there are no ad restrictions and that you are not in an ad-restricted region.”

Ads may not be shown for iOS device users who have restricted their ad tracking identifiers. Please check the settings below.

Turn off ad tracking restriction (Method 1): iOS Settings> Advertising> turn OFF “Limit Ad Tracking”

Turn off ad tracking restriction (Method 2): iOS Settings> Privacy> Tracking> Allow tracking for “Mubeat”

Please also check if iOS Settings> Screen Time> Content & Privacy Restrictions> “Advertising” is in the “Allow” state


2. I didn’t get a “Voting Ticket” after watching “Video Ads”.

If you stop watching the ad, you will not get the Heart Beats. Please check the remaining time left for the ad!



This marks the end of the Mubeat Global Choice Awards with Gaon FAQ Guide!


If you still have questions, please send us a feedback or an E-mail with the following info! We promise to get back to you ASAP with your question.

  • Feedback: APP settings> Customer support> Email inquiry

  • E-mail:

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*Detailed info greatly helps Mubeat in taking the necessary steps to resolve your inquiries.


This was Mubeat. See you again soon! 👋