2021. 04. 29
PIP Guideline (+[EVENT] PIP! How much have you explored?)


Mubeat Users!

Did you know?


The new update now has a Picture in Picture function

Let's break down the new features


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Event we prepared for you all!)



1. What is PIP?

It is a function where you can watch a video in small screen on different apps/pages, enabling multitasking. PIP will allow you to watch Mubeat videos while doing other tasks on your phone.


2. How do I use this feature?

(1) CLICK on the video you’d like to watch on Mubeat!

(2) CLICK the PIP conversion button on the bottom right!


(3) TA-DA! Do you see how the video continues to play on other apps even after you exit Mubeat?

Now you can play the videos while texting, browsing social media, and doing other tasks! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram OK! Streaming can’t stop me from doing anything now~


(4) Enjoy other Mubeat features while watching your videos! (This function is for iOS only)

(There may be slight differences depending on the device model and operating system.)


(5) Move the video UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, place it wherever you’d like! You can even make the screen bigger and smaller on iPhones! Now you can watch videos so much more conveniently, don’t you think?


(6) I want to go back to the original screen

CLICK the button on the play screen and you can return to the original screen on the app!

You can exit if you click the X button.


3. Try out the new feature!


♬ [Ep. 721] Show! Music Core X Mubeat Global Voting Winner <KANG DANIEL> Interview

♬ BLACKPINK - How You Like That Remix | BERRI choreography  


*There may be slight differences depending on the device model and operating system.



Event Period: ~5/5 (KST)

Announcement: 5/7 (KST) on Mubeat KPOP NOTICE

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- This event is subject to change and can be terminated due to the company's circumstances without prior notice.

- Reward will be given sequentially once the event ends.

- Participants who do not comply with the event participation methods will be excluded from this event.



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