2021. 03. 29
Notification Page Guideline (+[Event] Ring Mubeat’s Notification Page!)

[Notification Page Guideline]


  • What is a Notification Page? 

All of Mubeat’s push notifications, following artists’ news, Beats, charts, fandom ad projects, community news can be seen on this page! 

Push notifications you accidentally deleted or missed can also be checked. 

What notifications have I missed? 


  • Where can I check the Notification Page?

Click on the notification icon on the top right of My Page.


  • Can you check the Notification Page without logging in? 

Only logged-in users can check the Notification Page.

Your following artists’ news, fandom ad projects and more can be seen so please login to use this service 😀


  • How do I know which notifications I haven’t checked?

New notifications will have a red circle.🔴


  • How long are the notifications kept on the page? 

Only notifications up to the last 30 days are provided.


  • How do I delete a notification?

[Remove All] If you want to remove all notifications click the ‘remove all’ button on the top right corner.

[Selective Removal] If you want to remove select notifications click the hamburger button on the top right corner of the notification you wish to delete and click remove.


  • How do I change my push notifications’ setting? 

You can turn your notifications ON/OFF on My Page> Notifications> Settings

Event Period: ~ 4/5 (KST)

Announcement: 4/7 (KST) on Mubeat KPOP community & NOTICE

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  • Notice

- This event is subject to change and can be terminated due to the company's circumstances without prior notice.

- Reward will be given sequentially once the event ends.

- Participants who do not comply with the event participation methods will be excluded from this event.