2020. 11. 24
Mubeat “UPCOMING KPOP STAR" : Bling Bling


We introduce you to ✨Bling Bling✨, a shining new rookie girl group just like their team name!


👇 First of all, should we go see Bling Bling’s greetings for Mubeat users?👇


Being the first girl group from MAJOR9, Bling Bling is ready to show their bright, energetic, and unique style with their group identity “ActiBling (Active + Bling)”!

After all the members were released, Bling Bling made a simultaneous debut in both Korea and Japan, becoming a global hot topic.

Then shall we go meet the members of Bling Bling right away?!


1. Member Introduction

CHA-JUHYUN (차주현) / 2000.04.01 / Leader, Rapper

20-year-old CHA-JUHYUN is the charismatic leader and rapper of the group!


YUBIN (유빈) / 2002.02.27/ Lead Vocalist, Maknae


Don’t you feel like you’ve seen the 18-year-old YUBIN from somewhere?

You’re right! YUBIN from PRODUCE48 is here as the visual maknae of Bling Bling.


MARIN (마린) / 2001.03.17 / Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist

MARIN is a 19-year-old member from Japan!

She has an outstanding talent for dance.


CHOI-JIEUN (최지은) / 2001.03.03 / Main Vocalist

The group’s main vocal, 19-year-old CHOI-JIEUN

is ready to wow everyone with her incredible vocal skills!


AYAMY (아야미) / 2000.07.15 / Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist

Another member from Japan, 20-year-old AYAMY

has excellent skills in both dancing and singing, plus her own unique style.


NARIN (나린) / 2001.10.29/ Sub Vocalist

19-year-old NARIN

has a very unique voice that shows a different vibe from her visuals!




As you all know, Bling Bling’s first digital single album was first released on November, 17th, 2020!

The title track “G.G.B” shows Bling Bling’s determination and style, stating how the girl group wishes to make their own style, refusing the standardized trends. The quick up & down changes in the melody and the chorus lyrics perfectly matches what Bling Bling wants to show as a group!

👇Check out Bling Bling’s debut stage on Mubeat!👇

3. How to get closer to Bling Bling at Mubeat!

  • Home YouTube MV Ad

You can check out Bling Bling’s music video at Mubeat’s homepage right now.

You can even receive 2 Heart Beats if you click on it! What could be better than getting Heart Beats after watching their MV?


  • Watch Video Ads

You can also meet Bling Bling at “STORE > Watch video ads”.


Complete a puzzle of the members’ faces! Are you now all familiar with the members?


  • Mubeat Quiz (*Click on the image to go take a Mubeat Quiz.)

How much do you know about Bling Bling? Test yourself through the Mubeat Quiz!

You can receive 6 Heart Beats if you get all the answers right.


  • Fandom Ad (*Click on the image to check out Fandom ads.)

Participate in a Fandom ad project in your artist’s channel that is ongoing.

A channel pop-up celebrating Bling Bling’s debut will be made once the project succeeds.


  • Beat Box (*Click on the image to go to the artist channel.)

Go tune into Bling Bling’s artist channel.

The purple bling around the artist’s image means that their Beat Box is opened! You can participate after following the artist’s channel.

For a week, 1,000 users will be given 100% guaranteed “Beat(s)” gifts on a first come first served basis. Minimum 1 to maximum 10 Beats will be given randomly.


💖Watch the updated clips on Bling Bling’s artist channel, 

and chat with other fans in the community💖