2020. 10. 14
Weekly Vote Benefits! 🎁

🎉Mubeat Weekly Vote Benefits🎉

Enjoy benefits such as Beat Box and Home pop-up with Weekly Vote & Content Vote!

💗Beat Box💗

A benefit where "Beats" are 100% given, on a daily basis for 7 days, to the first 1,000 users who follow the channels of artists chosen from Mubeat's weekly votes.

Clicking on the activated profile image will bring you to the detailed page where you can get Beats.

To view a more detailed guide on how to use Beat Box, please click the following link


🌟Home Pop-Up🌟

A benefit where a pop-up is displayed on the Mubeat Home.

Home pop-up of artists, chosen from Mubeat's Weekly Vote and Content Vote, will be displayed on the app's main Home screen~!

Vote for your bias now


*Notice regarding Mubeat Weekly Vote Benefits*

How do the benefits work?

-Beat Box: Beats can be obtained on the detail page after clicking on the activated profile image for users who follow the channels of artists chosen from the weekly votes.

-Home Pop-Up: Pop-up displayed on the Mubeat app's Home. Pop-ups are of artists chosen from Mubeat Weekly Vote and Content Vote.


How are the nominees selected?

-Mubeat Weekly Vote: 10 nominees are registered based on Mubeat's Weekly chart ranking. If there are 2 or more songs by the same artist, the song with the higher rank will be registered. The Weekly chart is updated every Monday at 9:00 (KST) and can be seen on the app's Mubeat charts> Weekly tab.

-Mubeat Content Vote: The topics and nominees for Content Vote are selected by the administrator and the artist who comes in 1st in this Vote will receive the benefits.


How can I participate in the votings?

-You can vote for your artist on ongoing Weekly Vote and Content Vote in the Mubeat app> Vote> Mubeat tab. The voting duration of Mubeat Weekly Vote and Content Vote can be checked on Mubeat Vote weekly.

*Please note that artists can receive the "Artist of the Month" benefits from Mubeat Weekly Vote as well.👉Click