2020. 10. 12
Home YouTube MV Ad guideline

<Home YouTube MV Ad guideline>


The Home YouTube MV ad project function has been added in fandom ad. Advertise your bias’ official YouTube MV and receive Heart Beats!😃


  • What is a Home YouTube MV ad?  

It is an official YouTube MV video ad that is found in the home section of the Mubeat app once a fandom ad project succeeds.  


  • What are the benefits of a Home YouTube MV ad?

One Heart Beat will be given to the other users that watch the advertised MV, and each MV ad will be guaranteed 50,000 clicks.


After a certain amount of time, the same ID user may receive a Heart Beat from the same MV.

Regardless of the depletion of the 50,000 Heart Beats, the MV ad will be exposed on the home screen for the duration time that has been chosen while creating the project.


  • Where can I find the exposed Home YouTube MV ad?

The ad will be exposed under #Artist For You of the Mubeat app’s home screen.


  • How many beats are needed for a Home YouTube MV ad?

50,000 Star Beats are needed for the project. Heart Beats cannot be used.


  • How can I make a Home YouTube MV ad project?

1. Click on the create fandom ad button located on the fandom ad page to move to the create project page where you can search for the artist of your choice

(Creating a fandom ad is available to all users owning 10 Heart Beats.)


2. Choose the Home YouTube MV for the Ad area and click on the Ad category for your special occasion.

3. The ad material must be an artist’s official YouTube MV. Enter the URL of the video.

(Any other projects opened with a URL other than an official YouTube MV may be suspended by a Mubeat administrator.)


4. Enter the ad’s time period, title, and content details.

-An ad project can only be opened for the most recent 3 months.

-The ads will be carried out on a weekly basis and a successful project will be exposed from Monday 12:00 KST - Sunday 18:00 KST in accordance to the week the user has chosen when creating the project.


✋Once a project is created, it is not possible to edit/delete the contents like changing the ad material, etc. Please double check before finishing the process!


5. All that’s left now is to participate in a project created by yourself or by other users!

-You can check your Star Beats usage history in My Beats > Spent


Shall we check out the currently ongoing ad projects?



-The MV views will be reflected under YouTube’s policies.

-For each time period of the Home YouTube MV ad category, only the TOP5 projects that accumulate the Beats first will be succeeded.

-If the ad project created by a user contains pornographic, hate, profanity, portrait rights or copyrights infringements, etc, and is thus deemed unsuitable, the Mubeat administrator may suspend the project.

-The above service policy may change in the future.