2020. 07. 14
Mubeat Daily Schedule #RT Event Winner Announcement!

Congratulations on winning the "Mubeat Daily Schedule RT Event"!

📢 Please make sure to DM us on Twitter your Mubeat ID (email address) and Display Name by July 16th (KST).

*If you don't send us your email, you won't be able to receive the Beats you have won.

🎉 Winners (Twitter ID) 🎉











100 Heart Beats♥ will be given to the winners accordingly from July 15th (KST), so please check "My Page > Beats > Earned" during this period.

Thank you for your participation!


  • Please note that the Heart Beats are given to the Mubeat ID sent via Twitter DM and the company is not responsible for cases where the reward cannot be awarded. (Eg. Participant entered the wrong information, non-existing ID, etc)

  • Please also note that the expiration date of the Heart Beats is 1 month, so please use it before it expires.

  • For any other inquiries, please send them to