2020. 06. 19
[Mubeat Artist] MONSTA X


Hi! This is Artist Trending, your one-stop place for all the latest scoops on your bias! This week's Artist Trending star is none other than the global KPOP group MONSTA X!

<Source: Official Starship Entertainment Website>

26th May 2020 - Comeback

MONSTA X made a comeback on the 26th May with their latest mini-album, “FANTASIA X”. Their latest title song, “FANTASIA” expresses how nothing will stop in their way and MONSTA X’s signature energy and power can be felt throughout the song. Shall we check out their powerful music video once more? Click to watch!

<Source: Official starshipTV YouTube Channel>

8th June 2020 - Dance Practice (Costume Ver.) Release

MONSTA X released a costume version dance practice of “FANTASIA” on their official YouTube channel! The costumes consisted of a King, a Sungkyunkwan Academy scholar, a fisherman, a British royal family member, an old-fashioned school uniform and last but not least, a dinosaur! Watch the hilarious video to find out which member is in the dinosaur costume! Click to watch!

<Source: Official starshipTV YouTube Channel>

16th June 2020 - I.M Opens Instagram Account

Member I.M officially opened his personal Instagram account! I.M is the second member of MONSTA X, after MINHYUK, to open a personal Instagram account. Click here to view his Instagram account!

<Source: Official I.M Instagram Account>

17th June 2020 - TIME100 Talks

On 17th June, MONSTA X made a special appearance on TIME Magazine’s TIME100 Talks by performing two songs. TIME100 Talks is a live discussion in which influential people come together to discuss current global issues.

Watch MONSTA X’s performance of “FLOW” here

Watch MONSTA X’s performance of “Someone's Someone” here

<Source: Official TIME YouTube Channel>

18th June 2020 - SHOWNU’s Birthday!

SHOWNU celebrated his 28th birthday (international age) on the 18th of June! Numerous fans wished him a happy birthday on Twitter with the hashtag #HAPPYSHOWNUDAY. Leave him a birthday message in SHOWNU’s Community here!

<Source: Official STARSHIP Entertainment Twitter Account>

20th June 2020 - (EVENT) KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER

MONSTA X will be performing and holding a live meet and greet for KCON:TACT on the 20th of June! KCON:TACT will be streamed exclusively from the official Mnet K-POP YouTube channel with English subtitles!

To enjoy KCON:TACT live, fans can purchase a Mnet K-POP YouTube channel membership available here!

<Source: Official KCON Global Twitter Account>

Wish MONSTA X good luck for their upcoming performance on KCON:TACT 2020 in their Community and share your thoughts and anticipation with fellow Monbebes!

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