2020. 06. 11
Display Board Function

<Display Board Function>


Support your artist with the display board!

You can display messages to encourage voting, messages on your bias' birthday, debut anniversary, messages of support, and more on each voting page.


With just 30 Star Beats, you can upload a message with a maximum of 50 characters!

The uploaded message will be displayed for 24 hours and the most recently uploaded message will be displayed first.


Shall we find out how to use the display board?


1. The display board can be seen on the top of the voting details page.


2. On the display board page, you can upload a message using 30 Star Beats.

Messages cannot be edited or deleted once registered, so please check all your information!


3. You can check your uploaded message on the respective voting details page and the display board details page > ongoing messages.


4. You can check your Star Beats history in My Beats page > Spent.



- Only Star Beats can be used for the display board. (Heart Beats cannot be used.)

- Messages registered on the display board will be displayed on the voting details page for 24 hours. Ongoing displayed messages can be checked in "ongoing messages", and registered messages older than 24 hours will no longer be visible on the display board and ongoing messages. 

- It is not possible to edit/delete once the display board message is registered.

- The administrator can delete messages that include hate speech, etc, and Star Beats will not be returned in cases where the administrator deletes a message.

- The above service policy may change in the future.