2020. 06. 02
[EVENT] Gift a subway ad with Mubeat's fandom ad! (~6/22 KST)

Gift a Subway Ad for idols

with upcoming anniversaries with Mubeat’s Fandom Ad!


*Fandom ads actively reflecting 10,000 of your "Tell Us Which Artist You Want to Gift a Subway Ad to in JULY" responses have been created! 


✔️Subway Ad Location👑 / List of Artists with Anniversaries

*Click the artist's name to go to the artist's fandom ad page.

❤️Hongdae Station, Square Pillar (1 wall each) 


⭐Sinsa Station Entire Square Pillar (4 walls) 


⭐Gangnam Station Digital Poster (DID)

NCT 127 / Baekho (NU'EST) / +TAEYONG (NCT 127)

⭐Hongdae Station Digital Poster (DID)


⭐Hapjeong Station CM Board (Digital)



✔️Subway Ad Duration

1st July ~ 31st July (KST)


✔️Project Duration

2nd June ~ 22nd June 23:59 (KST)


(*Any changes made will be announced in the Notice section.)


  • Notice

- For the Square Pillar at Hongdae Station, only the first 4 artists who succeed in the project, within the given duration, will be displayed as ads. All other fandom ads, excluding the first 4 that succeeded, will be marked as failed projects. (Project achievement rates for failed projects will not be considered)

-Excluding [Hongdae Station, Square Pillar], only Star Beats can be used for other ad areas. Successful projects within the given duration will be displayed as ads.

-In the case where an ad area cannot be reserved for a particular period, the ad area may be substituted with a different subway station in Seoul city.

-In the case where a user participated in a failed project, Star Beats will be returned to the user while Heart Beats will not be returned.

-The Star Beats returned can be used and have no expiration date. Star Beats refund is subject to the refund policy of the platform the purchase was made on.

-Entry for the draft image proposal will be announced through Mubeat's official Twitter account. (Go to Mubeat's Twitter:


  • How to Participate

Step 1. Open the Mubeat app and click on the fandom ad banner!


Step 2. Click on the artist you want to gift a subway ad to!


Step 3.  Participate in the project using Beats! (See guide on how to use fandom ad)


Step 4. Meet the artist whose fandom ad project was successful as a subway ad!

smileyParticipate now!👉Click (The link only works on mobile devices.)