2020. 06. 02
Subway Ad Image Production Guide

<Ad Image Production Guide>



  • Square Pillar: Trim size 1,025 X 1,935 mm / View size 1,000 X 1,900 mm

  • DID (Digital Poster): 1080 X 1920 (px)

  • CM Board (Digital): 1080 X 1920 (px)

How to enter

1️⃣ Check the image proposal submission notice on Mubeat's official Twitter account / Mubeat Kpop Community in the Mubeat app.

-Depending on the project's closing period and success rate, the image proposal submission may start before the project is successfully completed. If the project fails, the subway ad will not be conducted. 

Twitter 👉 Click

Mubeat Kpop Community👉 Click


2️⃣ After checking the image submission schedule, please send the original PSD file to

-Please send the email with the title *[Artist] [Ad area] Image Proposal Submission*.

-Please include the producer's ID, to be added in the image proposal, either in the image proposal itself or as a text in the email.


3️⃣ If there are 2 or more image proposals submitted, a vote will be held.

-Once the submission period is over, please check the notice that will be put up on Mubeat's official Twitter and the Mubeat Kpop Community in the Mubeat app.


4️⃣ The proposal with the most votes will be used for the subway ad.



-Proposals that do not comply with the image standards are eliminated.

-Only 1 image proposal can be submitted.

-Fandom ad-related text will be included at the bottom part of the image so texts cannot be added in this particular area.

-Only photos that do not violate any copyright laws can be used. In the case of any copyright infringement, the applicant is responsible for all legal liabilities.

-Only images with official members during the period of the subway ad can be used.

-If no proposals are submitted, Mubeat will proceed with the image production.

Any changes made will be announced in the Notice.