2020. 05. 08
[Mubeat Trending] KARD reveals on SNS, their mini-concert that can be viewed at home

KARD reveals on SNS, their mini-concert that can be viewed at home


KPOP group KARD! Announced today, through their SNS, that they will be holding a mini-concert to be streamed

online which can be watched at home.

KARD will be doing the #StayHomeChallenge, #LIVEinYourLivingRoom, #OnlineFanMeeting all through a live stream broadcast. As long as you have access to SNS, you will be able to catch KARD, all in the comfort of your home.

(Photo: @KARD_Official Twitter Photo)


KARD started with their debut single such as "Oh Nana" and "Don't Recall, Rumor". After which they released their mini-albums "Hola Hola", "You & Me", "Ride On The Wind" and "RED MOON" and their single albums such as "Bomb Bomb", "Dumb Litty" and more. The group received much love as a mixed-gender group and through various promotions, showcased their unique style which fans all over the world have come to love and appreciate as KARD's style. Fans are already getting excited over seeing KARD's intense charm through their stay-at-home live broadcast.

(Photo: Official KARD Profile Photo)

On another note, in April, KARD celebrated their 1,000 days since their debut, thus making their concert and fan meeting in their stay-at-home live broadcast that much more meaningful. Are you ready to meet KARD in their stay-at-home live broadcast? Which song are you most excited to listen to in their mini-concert? Leave your thoughts as a comment. 👉Click