2020. 05. 08
Additional Subway Ad Event in June

<💜Additional Subway Ad Event in June💜>


Thanks to all the Mubeat users who have actively participated, we have decided to open an additional event! 🎉

Thank you for your participation.


Excluding the TOP 4 fandom ads that succeeded for the Square Pillar at Hongdae Station, the first 2 projects (out of the remaining 6 teams) to succeed will be displayed as a digital ad at Hongdae Station for 2 weeks!



Ad will be displayed on the DID (Digital Information Display) at Hongik University Station exits No. 5, No. 9


✔️Subway Ad Duration (2 weeks each)

1) June 1st-15th

2) June 16th-30th

(*If the anniversary of the first 2 projects are on the same week, the first project to succeed will be given an advantage.)


✔️Project Duration

~ 22nd May 23:59 (KST)


(Any changes made will be announced in the Notice section.)


  • Notice

-Excluding the first 2 fandom ads that completed the project successfully in the given duration, remaining fandom ads will be regarded as failed projects. (Project achievement rates for failed projects will be not considered.)

- If a user had participated in a project that failed, Star Beats will be returned to the user while Heart Beats will not be returned. 

-The returned Star Beats can be used without an expiration date. Star Beat refund is subject to the refund policy of the platform the purchase was made on. 

- Mubeat will be accepting ad image proposals for the artists who have succeeded in the projects through Mubeat’s official Twitter account.

  • How to Participate

Step 1. Open the Mubeat app and click on the fandom ad banner


Step 2. Click on the artist you want to gift a subway ad to!


Step 3.  Participate in the project using Heart Beats & Star Beats!

(Watch a guide on how to use fandom ad)


Step 4. The TOP 2 artists to successfully complete the project within the duration (~ 22nd May KST) will be displayed as an ad at Hongdae University Station!


Participate now!smiley (The link only works on mobile devices)