2020. 05. 11
[EVENT] Voting Certificate Event! “Show off your voting certificate!”

Show off your voting certificate!


Vote for your favorite artist and show off your voting certificate

You can participate with any Mubeat voting certificate regardless of the voting category.

We will be giving out 100 Heart Beats to 10 winners ♥


★ Event Period: 5/11 18:00 ~ 5/18 15:00 (KST)

★ Announcement: 5/20 (Wed) on Mubeat KPOP community & NOTICE



How to Participate

Step 1. Vote for your favorite artist ♬


Step 2. Click on the certificate icon above and save the certificate!

*If you cannot see the certificate icon, make sure the app is updated to the latest version.


Step 3. Show off your certificate by commenting on the Mubeat KPOP community post! 


Participate NOW!wink

👉CLICK to vote

👉CLICK to show off your certificate

(The link only works on mobile devices)




  • This event may be changed or closed due to the company’s circumstances without prior notice.

  • The reward will be given sequentially once the event ends.

  • If a participant leaves a comment that contains malicious content, the participant will be excluded from the event. 

  • The Username on the voting certificate and the Username on the comment must be identical until we announce the winners. If the two are different, the participant will be excluded. 

  • If the voting certificate is appropriated or/and if the Username is edited for the purpose of fraud, the participant will be excluded. 

  • The winners will be chosen randomly, regardless of the number of votes they have voted.