2020. 04. 14
[Mubeat Trending] ASTRO to make a "Full Group" comeback in May

ASTRO to make a "Full Group" comeback in May

The time has finally come! ASTRO is said to be preparing for a "full group comeback" in May.

On the 14th, ASTRO's agency revealed that the group will be making a comeback in May and that they are currently preparing for their album. Moon Bin will be participating in this promotion as well, meaning that the group will be promoting as their full, 6-membered group. Is there any greater news than this for AROHAs?!

(Photo: ASTRO official photo)

This upcoming comeback will be made 7 months since their previous mini-album, "BLUE FLAME", that was released last November. Moon Bin was not able to participate in "BLUE FLAME" promotions due to health concerns.

Back then, Fantagio Music delivered the sad news on the group's official cafe, stating, "recently, during ASTRO's comeback preparation, Moon Bin felt unwell and received a thorough medical examination. Heeding the doctor's advice that he needs sufficient rest and treatment, it has been decided that he will be temporarily stopping his group promotions."

(Photo: ASTRO official photo)

It is definitely great news to have Moon Bin return healthily and to be able to see the full group in the upcoming comeback. Share your happiness and support for the group as a comment here. Click