2020. 04. 03
[Mubeat NEWS] BTS comes in 1st place in Mubeat's Global Voting and <Show! Music Core> for 4th week of March

BTS comes in 1st place in Mubeat's Global Voting and <Show! Music Core> for 4th week of March

-"NCT 127's Kick It comes in 2nd", "VICTON's Howling comes in 3rd"

- 5,309,084 votes from 163 countries for the 28th March broadcast

"BTS" comes in 1st place in the global KPOP platform, Mubeat's Global Voting and ultimately comes in 1st place in the 28th March broadcast of <Show! Music Core>. Mubeat's Global Voting, the results of which were reflected in episode 673 of <Show! Music Core>, was held from the 24th of March to the 27th of March, with a total of 5,309,000 votes registered from 178,000 local and foreign fans from 163 different countries.

BTS' fandom "A.R.M.Y" from Korea, North America, Europe, Asia, and more came together and voted a total of 2,715,000 votes for BTS' song, "ON", and ultimately took the 1st place in the Global Vote, winning NCT 127 who came in 2nd with a total of 2,524,000 votes, by a narrow margin. With this, BTS received the full score of 1,000 points from coming in 1st in the Global Vote and overtook ITZY who came in 2nd, and fundamentally came in 1st in the 28th March broadcast of <Show! Music Core>.

Besides that, "VICTON's Howling" came in 3rd place with 48,630 votes, "ITZY's WANNABE" came in 4th place with 10,654 votes, "SEJEONG's Plant" came in 5th place with 4,146 votes, "CHUNG HA's Everybody Has" came in 6th place with 1,489 votes, "Noel's Suddenly" came in 7th place with 1,400 votes, "IZ*ONE's FIESTA" came in 8th place with 716 votes, "ZICO's Any Song" came in 9th place with 411 votes, and "MAKTUB's Happiness" came in 10th place with 372 votes.

Screenshot of Mubeat’s <Show! Music Core> Ep. 673 Global Vote

The Global Vote, held in Mubeat, for <Show! Music Core> episode 673 is garnering much attention and interest from overseas KPOP fans. With categories like Gaon Chart ranking, video views, Korean music site and album sales, live broadcast pre-voting, etc, overseas fans find it challenging to vote due to these restrictions. However, on Mubeat, global fans are able to directly vote for free by watching video ads.

Additionally, unlike other apps that require complicated signup verification processes, Mubeat has a simple and easy signup verification process. Mubeat's popularity with global fans can also be analyzed by the fact that they can not only vote but can also interact with other fans through comments and watch their favorite artists' videos.

The global KPOP platform, Mubeat, features performance videos of Korea's leading broadcasting stations that can be conveniently viewed by artists, members, and albums. Mubeat also features global voting for music shows, subway ads, fandom ads within the app, global idol communities of artists like BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, EXO, TXT, NCT 127, ATEEZ, etc, and anything and everything KPOP related can be found in Mubeat. The Mubeat app can be downloaded on the Play Store or the App Store.