2020. 03. 20
[EVENT] Wall Invitation Event! 'Come visit my wall!' (~4/3 KST)

Come visit my wall!🏠


Introduce yourself on Mypage, and communicate with mubeat users through wall posts. 

100 Heart Beats will be given to randomly chosen 10 users!


✔️Event period: 3/20 ~ 4/3 (KST)

✔️Announcement: 4/9 (KST) on Mubeat community and the notice board


How to Participate

Step 1. Introduce yourself on Mypage by editing your profile header, profile image, and bio!


Step 2Copy the share link and leave it as a comment on the community page!

(*Mypage > My account settings, your Mypage should be set as a public account.)

👉Community page link:


Step 3Visit other Mypages and communicate through wall posts!💛


Participate now!smiley