2020. 03. 16
[Mubeat NEWS] Overseas fans using app to celebrate "TXT's 1-Year Anniversary!"

Overseas fans using app to celebrate "TXT's 1-Year Anniversary!"

-Fans from the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia participated in Mubeat's subway fandom ad

-Fans contributed by watching ads, making payments to make this event possible

A fandom ad celebrating TXT's 1st debut anniversary is currently displayed at Hongdae station. With the ever-rising popularity of K-POP, ads congratulating idols on their birthdays or comebacks can be easily seen in the form of subway ads, bus ads, billboards, etc. This K-POP fandom culture of international and domestic fans creating such ads, from collecting money through fan cafes, designing images, etc, is garnering a lot of attention. However, due to language and communication barriers, overseas fans are unable to create such outdoor ads as easily as Korean fans. Thus, it is more common to see cases where a small number of fans from China and Southeast Asia use a large sum of money to create such fandom ads.

To help these overseas fans who are facing such troubles, the global K-POP platform app, Mubeat, has added a subway ad function within its fandom ad function. The artist behind the first subway ad displayed on March 2020, is none other than rookie group "TXT" who is celebrating their 1st year since their debut.

Mubeat launched a campaign where the first group, among 4 idols, to succeed would have their ad displayed for the entire month of March 2020. In only 4 days, 2,349 fans from all over the world managed to collect 200,000 votes and successfully completed TXT's fandom ad project. Fans' participation was explosive for the chance to have their idol presented to the public through mediums like buses or subways. The response from fans was warm, with comments like "we did it", "we managed to complete this so quickly", etc, in countless different languages.

"TXT's" subway ad, that was proposed and produced by fans, is currently displayed at Hongdae station at exits 5 and 9 and will be displayed for the entire month of March. The subway ad is comprised of the 5 members of "TXT"- "SOOBIN, HUENING KAI, TAEHYUN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU" and the text "TOMORROW X TOGETHER 1 YEAR BEING GLOBAL SUPER ROOKIES". This ad image was made by a fan who participated in Mubeat's ad image production event and got selected.

For overseas fans, creating such subway ads, bus ads, etc have been difficult as they face challenges like scheduling and running the ads. Or a fan would have to personally make a fandom ad project and recruit other fans, making the ad creation process difficult and inconvenient. In this regard, the reason behind the popularity of Mubeat's subway fandom ad function can be explained by its convenience as fans only need to vote for the idol candidate, through free or paid means, and to fulfill the project conditions.

Additionally, the spot where the ad is displayed at is Line 2, Hongdae Station, exits 5 and 9, which is known for being one of the busiest subway stations with countless transients. A total of 30 digital posters are currently displayed, with 24 digital posters displayed at exit 9, facing the Hapjeong direction, and 6 digital posters displayed at exit 5, facing the Sinchon direction. For the global fans, Mubeat has specifically picked the spot with the most number of passers-by for this subway fandom ad.

In fact, according to the recent public transportation use status announced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the average number of passengers using the subway is 6.01 million, and the number of passengers on Line 2 is 690,202. Furthermore, it is important to note that Hongdae Station is a must-visit spot for tourists from all over the world, giving this ad even that much more meaning for global fans.