2020. 02. 18
[Weekly Vote, 1st week of Feb] 1st week of Feb Mubeat Weekly Vote, MONSTA X's "Follow" wins 1st place for second consecutive week

1st week of Feb Mubeat Weekly Vote, MONSTA X's "Follow" wins 1st place for second consecutive week

-ATEEZ's "Answer" in 2nd place, BTS' "FAKE LOVE" in 3rd place

-Ongoing fandom ad project for Hongik University Entrance Station Subway Ad for March


In the Mubeat Weekly Vote chosen by global KPOP fandoms, MONSTA X's "Follow" took the 1st place once again, for the second consecutive week. ATEEZ's "Answer" took 2nd place, and BTS' "FAKE LOVE" took 3rd place. MONSTA X has been receiving much love from global KPOP fandoms since their comeback in October last year with "Follow".

Mubeat Weekly Vote's Best Song for 1st week of Feb 2020

Global KPOP fandom mobile app, "Mubeat", is currently holding weekly votings. With global KPOP fans taking part in the "Mubeat" Weekly Vote, it is possible to see which idols are currently popular among overseas fandoms. Coming in after MONSTA X's "Follow", ATEEZ's "Answer" took the 2nd place in this week as well. BTS' "FAKE LOVE" took the place of "Boy With Luv" by coming in 3rd place, and TWICE's "FANCY" and Stray Kids' "MIROH" came in 4th and 5th place respectively.

In addition to the weekly voting based on the number of video views, followers, etc, Mubeat is also currently holding the Mubeat KPOP Weekly Vote where fans can vote for their favorite artists and songs. Fans can vote for their favorite artists up to 15 times a day in the Weekly Vote, and the Weekly Vote results are released on Mubeat every week. Particularly, Mubeat Vote is comprised of fans from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and more, voting for their favorite KPOP artists. One can see which songs, old and new, are receiving love from global KPOP fans.

Aside from weekly votes, Mubeat also holds fandom ad projects. Fandom ads are created by fandoms in celebration of their favorite artist's anniversaries, and if they are completed within the given time period, the ad will be shown as a banner or a pop-up within the Mubeat app.

Mubeat is also holding subway ads as part of a fandom ad event. TXT, YUN HO (ATEEZ), SUGA (BTS), and HYUNJIN (Stray Kids) are the chosen artists for the subway ad projects, and participation is open till the 26th of February. 2 different types of Beats can be used for the project, Heart Beats which can be obtained for free by watching advertisements, and Star Beats which can be purchased within the app. Among the 4 subway ad artists, the first artist to successfully collect 200,000 Beats will be made into a subway station ad. Only the in-app purchased Star Beats of the Beats used in the failed artists' subway ad projects will be returned. The results of the winner of the subway ad will be announced by Mubeat.

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