2020. 02. 13
[Weekly Vote, 5th week of Jan] MONSTA X's "Follow" wins Mubeat's Weekly Vote in the 5th week of Jan

MONSTA X's "Follow" wins Mubeat's Weekly Vote in the 5th week of Jan

- ATEEZ comes in 2nd "Answer" and BTS comes in 3rd with "Boy With Luv"


In the Mubeat Weekly Vote chosen by global KPOP fandoms, MONSTA X's 

"Follow" took 1st place, ATEEZ's "Answer" took 2nd place, and BTS' "Boy With Luv" took 3rd place for the 5th week of January. 

Mubeat Weekly Vote's Best Song for 5th week of Jan 2020

The TOP 5 winners for the 5th week of January are MONSTA X with "Follow" in 1st place, ATEEZ's "Answer" in 2nd place, BTS' "Boy With Luv" in 3rd place, Stray Kids' "MIROH" in 4th place, and TWICE's "FANCY" in 5th place. Although MONSTA X was not one of the nominees in the best song on Mubeat's Weekly Chart category for the 4th week of January, MONSTA X won 1st place by a landslide for the 5th week of January. Despite winning the 1st place for the 4th week of January with "Answer", ATEEZ, unfortunately, came in 2nd after a close competition with MONSTA X. As usual, BTS maintained their popularity in the TOP 5, coming in 3rd place.

The TOP 10 winners for the 5th week of January are EXO with "Love Shot" in 6th place, BLACKPINK's "Kill This Love" in 7th place, Red Velvet's "Psycho" in 8th place, JENNIE (BLACKPINK) "SOLO" in 9th place, and MOMOLAND's "Thumbs Up" in 10th place. Mubeat Vote is comprised of fandoms from Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and more voting for their favorite KPOP artists from rookie artists to globally-renowned artists. One can look forward to seeing which songs received love from fandoms all around the world in the next voting results.

In addition to the weekly voting based on the number of video views, followers, etc, Mubeat is also currently holding the Mubeat KPOP Weekly Vote where fans can vote for their favorite artists and songs. Fans can vote for their favorite artists up to 15 times a day in the Weekly Vote, and the Weekly Vote results are released on Mubeat every week.

As a global KPOP platform with over 2.1 million downloads and 1.6 million members, Mubeat not only offers subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, but also auto-generated subtitles in other languages. For foreign fans, Mubeat also provides romanization function, where the Korean words are transliterated into letters of the alphabet. Mubeat also provides functions such as video download, TV connection, and more. Aside from these functions, Mubeat also offers fandom ads where fans can celebrate their favorite artist's birthday, comeback, and other anniversaries, within the app. Mubeat is also operating its beta services in Korea since January this year, and Mubeat can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


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