2020. 02. 12
[EVENT] Gift a subway ad with Mubeat's fandom ad! (~2/26 KST)

Gift a subway ad for idols 

with anniversaries in March with Mubeat's fandom ad!


✔️Subway Ad Location👑

Hongik University Entrance Station

(*Specific location will be released later.)


✔️Subway Ad Duration

1st March ~ 31st March (KST)


✔️Project Duration

12th February ~ 26th February 23:59 (KST)

(*Any changes made will be announced in the Notice section.)


  • How to Participate

Step 1. Open the Mubeat app and click on the fandom ad banner


Step 2. Among the images at the bottom of the notice, click on the artist you want to gift a subway ad to!


Step 3. Participate in the project using Heart Beats & Star Beats

(Watch a guide on how to use fandom ad)


Step 4. The anniversary of the 1st artist to successfully complete the project within the given duration will be displayed as a subway ad.


  • Notice

-Excluding the 1 fandom ad that was the fastest in successfully completing the project in the given duration, all the other fandom ads will be regarded as failed projects.

-In the case where a user participated in such a failed project, Star Beats will be returned to the user while Heart Beats will not be returned.

-The Star Beats returned can be used and have no expiration date. Star Beats refund is subject to the refund policy of the platform the purchase was made on.

Participate now!smiley

*Clicking on the image will bring you to that particular artist's fandom ad page.