2020. 01. 22
[2019 Mubeat Awards NEWS] Chosen by global KPOP fans, the Best Artist and the Best Song of the Year are?

Chosen by global KPOP fans, the Best Artist and the Best Song of the Year are?

-320,000 KPOP fans from 182 countries, casting 8.58 million votes in the 2019 Mubeat Awards

-Stray Kids wins Best Artist, ‘WONDERLAND’ by ATEEZ wins Best Song, TXT and IZTY win Rookie Artists

-Various artists other than BTS winning the awards, showing diversity in KPOP

Who is the Best Artist of the year chosen by global KPOP fans? 2019 Mubeat Awards results have come out on January 21th, 2020. In <2019 Mubeat Awards>, held by global KPOP platform Mubeat from January 2nd to 19th, 323,230 KPOP fans from 182 countries have participated and cast 8,585,224 votes. 

Idol groups and video clips with most views on Mubeat in 2019 have been chosen as the candidates for 10 different categories. For the Best Artist of the Year, Stray Kids won the honor with 363,733 votes (42.02%), and MONSTA X placed in second with 358,644 votes (41.43%). It was a keen competition with only 0.59% difference between the two artists. 

For the Best Song of the Year, ‘WONDERLAND’ by ATEEZ won the honor with  151,487 votes (42.62%), ‘Double Knot’ by Stray Kids placed in second with 142,651 votes (40.14%), and ‘Boy With Luv” by BTS placed in third with 20,380 votes (5.73%).

The voting competition in the Male Rookie Artist category was especially intense. The candidates were TXT, ATEEZ, ONEUS, X1, and AB6IX. The gap between TXT and ATEEZ was very close. In the end, with 2,896,192 votes (49.43%) for TXT and 2,895,625 votes (49.42%) for ATEEZ, TXT won the Male Rookie Artist of the year by 0.01%. On the 18th, the last day of voting, the competition between two KPOP fandoms was so fierce that the Mubeat server slowed down for a few hours. 

ITZY won the Female Rookie Artist with 181,043 votes (46.87%), GOT7 won the Best Performance Group with 180,752 votes (44.37%), BAEK HYUN of EXO won the Best Male Solo with 73,037 votes (45.64%), ‘Poison’ by VAV won Best Special Stage with 67,919 votes (46.89%), NCT 127 in ‘Superhuman’ won the Best Ending Fairy with 88,014 votes (45.47%), and ‘Moonwalk’ by TEN of WayV won the Best Focused Cam with 105,547 votes (53.26%).

The results of the <2019 Mubeat Awards> are now available on the Mubeat website ( and the Mubeat app (Mubeat). Later, the Mubeat Awards trophy will be awarded to the winners, and their interviews will be uploaded on Mubeat. 

Mubeat, which places its value in ‘All Things KPOP’, is a service that allows users to easily access music program videos from Korea’s leading broadcasting channels by artists, members, and albums. Mubeat not only has over 2 million downloads but also 1.2 million members from the Americas, Europe, South-east Asia, etc. Mubeat also offers artist communities for global fandoms of BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, EXO, TXT, ATEEZ, etc. Mubeat has also recently launched its services in Korea in January this year due to the high demand from domestic Korean fans. Mubeat can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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