2020. 01. 19
Announcement regarding Mubeat Awards

Hello, this is Mubeat Team.

1. First of all, thank you for participating in Mubeat Awards. 

2. On the last day of the voting period, a lot of users have accessed our app to vote, so our server was not able to function properly. Therefore, our ads and the voting system did not work the way it should have.  

3. The voting period has ended on January 19th, 00:00 AM KST, and no one was able to vote after that time. The reason why the number of votes still went up after the voting period has ended was because our server started to function properly after 00:00 AM KST, and so the votes that were given before 00:00 AM KST has been updated during that time. 

4. 🙏We apologize for the inconvenience caused while using our service. We will soon announce the Mubeat Awards results with additional data. 

5. Thank you.


안녕하세요 뮤빗 입니다.

1. 뮤빗 어워즈 투표에 참여주셔서 감사합니다

2. 투표기간의 마지막 날에 많은 사용자가 투표에 참여하여 서버가 정상적으로 로그인 광고시청 투표 업무를 원활하게 처리하지 못했습니다.

3. 투표는 1 월 19 일 오전 00:00 AM (KST)에 종료되었고 그 이후로 투표 할 수 없었습니다. 투표 기간이 끝난 후에도 여전히 투표 수가 증가한 이유는 아직 처리되지 못한 00:00 AM (KST) 이전 투표가 업데이트 되었기 때문입니다.

4. 🙏원활하게 처리하지 못해 죄송합니다. 추가 자료와 함께 뮤빗 어워즈 결과를  공개하도록 하겠습니다.

5. 감사합니다.