2020. 01. 16
[2019 Mubeat Awards NEWS] Global KPOP fans “I have to give my favorite idol the Rookie of the Year Award”

Global KPOP fans “I have to give my favorite idol the Rookie of the Year Award”

-4,500,000 global fandom votes cast in the Mubeat Awards

-2,700,000 million votes cast in just the Best Male Rookie category alone

Photo: Mubeat Awards

The <2019 Mubeat Awards> held in the global KPOP platform, Mubeat, is currently causing a big buzz amongst KPOP fandoms all around the world. Already, 4.5 million votes have been cast in the <2019 Mubeat Awards> that started on January 2, 2020. 

The <2019 Mubeat Awards> that started with the purpose of discovering the true global KPOP artists, is currently holding voting systems in 10 different categories including the best artist, the best song, the best male and female rookies, the best male and female solos, the best performance group, the best special stage, etc. As of January 15, 2020, a total of 4.5 million votes have been cast, and KPOP fans are enthusiastic about who will win the first place amongst the nominated KPOP artists.

In the best artist category, which is comprised of the top 10 most popular artists in Mubeat in 2019, Stray Kids and MONSTA X are facing against each other in fierce competition with 160,697 votes (36.1%) and 159,651votes (36.1%) respectively.

The category experiencing the fiercest competition is none other than the best male rookie category. Since the best rookie award can only be won by a group only once in their lifetime, it is no surprise that fans are actively participating in this fierce competition. Currently, TXT, ATEEZ, ONEUS, X1, and AB6IX have been nominated in this category and TXT is currently in the lead with 1,482,024 votes (49.6%) and ATEEZ in 2nd place with 1,438,100 votes (48.2%). As time goes by, the competition between their fans has been growing fiercer and fiercer. Fans have taken on Twitter, Facebook, etc to encourage others to vote for their favorite idols, and are trying their best to have their idols win the best rookie award. With the two groups going neck and neck, everyone is curious as to who the winner will be.

On another note, in the best female rookie category with nominees ITZY, Cherry Bullet, EVERGLOW, Rocket Punch, and IZ*ONE, ITZY is currently in 1st place. In addition to these main categories, other categories such as the best performance group, best male solo, best female solo, best special stage, best ending fairy, best focused cam, etc are also experiencing fierce competition. 

The vote for the idols who made 2019 a memorable year can be found in the Mubeat app, in the “Mubeat Awards” under the Vote category and the results will be made available not only in the Mubeat app but also through the Mubeat website, once the voting period has ended. 

Mubeat, which places its value in ‘All Things KPOP’, is a service that allows users to easily access music program videos from Korea’s leading broadcasting channels by artists, members, and albums. Mubeat not only has over 2 million downloads but also 1.2 million members from the Americas, Europe, South-east Asia, etc. Mubeat also offers artist communities for global fandoms of BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, EXO, TXT, ATEEZ, etc. Mubeat has also recently launched its services in Korea in January this year due to the high demand from domestic Korean fans. Mubeat can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.