2019. 12. 03
[Monthly Chart, NOVEMBER] BTS ‘Go Go’ takes 1st place in the November Mubeat Monthly Chart

[Monthly Chart, November]


BTS ‘Go Go’ takes 1st place in the November Mubeat Monthly Chart

- ‘FAKE LOVE’ takes 2nd place, and BLACKPINK ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ takes 3rd place.


With the release of the Mubeat monthly chart for the month of November, BTS, who has maintained their popularity consistently, has once again taken the top spot in the Mubeat Chart.

The BTS song that swept the 1st place of the Mubeat chart was none other than ‘Go Go’, and ‘FAKE LOVE’, by the same artist, took the 2nd place. ‘Boy With Luv’ and ‘Anpanman’ by BTS placed 4th and 5th places respectively as well. BLACKPINK entered the Mubeat chart’s TOP 3 with their song, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’.

Other than that, the other songs in the TOP 10 include BLACKPINK ‘Kill This Love’ at 6th place, TXT ‘9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)’ at 7th place, BTS ‘No More Dream’ and ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ at 8th and 9th places respectively, and MAMAMOO ‘HIP’ at 10th place.

Photo: Mubeat Chart

Based on the data collected on the 1st of December in the Mubeat Artist charts, which consists of a total of 50 rankings, ‘BTS’ took 1st place, ‘BLACKPINK’ took 2nd place, ‘TXT’ took 3rd place, ‘EXO’ took 4th place, ‘TWICE’↑1 took 5th place, ‘MAMAMOO’↑1 took 6th place, ‘Stray Kids’ took 7th place, ‘ASTRO’↑1 took 8th place, ‘GOT7’↑1 took 9th place, and ‘JENNIE’↑1 took 10th place. 

Photo: Mubeat Chart

Other than being reflected in the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts in the Mubeat app, video streaming views of your favorite artists in the Mubeat app are also reflected in the combined data for the Gaon Social Chart 2.0.

Therefore, to increase or maintain the ranks of KPOP fans’ artists, fans can increase the video views of their respective favorite artists by streaming their videos in the Mubeat app. 

Additionally, the fandom ad project function was launched in the middle of October. Fandom ad is a function whereby fans can celebrate their favorite artist’s birthday, comeback, and other anniversaries by giving Beats. Beats are divided into ‘Heart Beats’ which can be obtained for free by watching video ads, and ‘Star Beats’ which can be purchased in the app. In the case of a successful project, depending on the selected ad area, the artist’s ad will be shown either as a pop-up or as a banner for a period of time. Any and all Mubeat users can create and participate in fandom ad projects.