2019. 11. 14
[EVENT] My Rank in this Channel is? <User Ranking Guideline>

EVENT Show off your ranking of your favorite artist’s channel! 

Take a screenshot of one of your followed artist channel ranking page and show off your ranking now!

100 Beats will be given to randomly selected users who post it on the Mubeat KPOP channel.

Screenshot the ‘My Ranking’ page and post it on the ‘Mubeat KPOP’ Community as shown below.

- Participation period: 11/14~20 (KST)

- Winner’s Beats expiration date: 30 days from issued date


What is Mubeat ranking?

It is the ranking of user activity that is factored based on Mubeat usage and artist channel activity.


Where can I see my ranking?

- Click on the ‘My Ranking’ button at the top of each artist channel 


- To check ‘My Ranking’, you must follow the channel and must have a certain level of activity.

- Ranking can be increased according to the user’s activity level.


- The nicknames of the TOP 100 users in the user ranking will be displayed.


How can I increase my ranking?

- User’s number of videos watched, number of video downloads and number of Beats used in fandom ad are all factored.

- Consistent activity on the artist channel followed will increase ranking as well


When is the ranking updated?

- Daily usage is factored and tracking begins everyday at midnight (KST).

- It is updated everyday at 9:00 am (KST).