2019. 11. 07
Mubeat Fandom AD Feature Guide

Fandom ad is a special ad published directly in the Mubeat APP for artists!

Let’s celebrate the 

  • Birthday

  • Comeback

  • Debut anniversary

  • and various other anniversaries 

of an artist with other fans.

[EVENT] Discount on Fandom Ad Required Beats!

50% off of required Beats to make a successful ad project, only until 31st December!

Create ads and celebrate KPOP artists' anniversaries with other fans.

  • Home Banner : 45,000 Beats → 22,500 Beats 50% OFF

  • Channel Pop-up : 35,000 Beats → 17,500 Beats 50% OFF

[Click here to participate]

*Schedule list of main anniversaries in December* 

  • 12/4 Birthday - BTS JIN

  • 12/5 Birthday - TXT SOOBIN

  • 12/9 Birthday - ITZY YUNA

  • 12/29 Birthday - TWICE SANA

  • 12/30 Birthday - BTS V


Where is the Ad Shown?

Home banner(Required Beats: 45,000 Beats)

Banner found in the Home section of Mubeat. 

When clicked on the home banner, users are directed to the project artist's channel.

Channel pop-up (Required Beats: 35,000 Beats)

Pop-up that is shown on the project artist's channel.


How Do I Participate? 

Step 1. Choose an ad you want to participate in from the list of ad projects.


Step 2. After entering the amount of Beats you want to use, click on the Support button

  • Heart Beats will be used first and in the case of unavailable Heart Beats, Star Beats are used.

  • What are Beats? Mubeat Beats are points that users can obtain and use in Mubeat. 

    • Heart Beat : Mubeat points that can be obtained for free by watching video ads in the Mubeat Store.

      (Tap here to get Heart Beats)

    • Star Beat : Mubeat points that can be purchased in the Mubeat Store.


Create a Fandom AD project! 

You can commemorate artist's anniversaries by creating Fandom AD!

Project can only be created by users who have at least 1 Beat.


Step 1. Mubeat APP Home > Ad projects > See All


Step 2. Click on the button to create an ad

Step 3. Search and select an artist for the ad.

Step 4. Click ‘OK’ after selecting/entering the following ad details.

  • Ad area : Area where ad will be shown in the case of a successful ad.

  • Ad category : Celebratory category

  • Ad image : Select template or upload directly (read notice)

  • Ad time period : Time period of ad shown in the case of a successful ad.

  • Ad title : Max of 30 characters 

  • Content details : Max of 50 characters


How to create an image for a successful fandom ad project?

When creating a project, the project creator can choose an image template or directly upload their image for each ad area.


Image Template

Directly Uploaded Image

Recommended image size

- Home Banner : 1440 X 810 (px)

- Channel Popup : 1440 X 1680 (px)

If the size of the attached image is smaller than the recommended size, it may look broken.

Mubeat is not responsible for any legal issues regarding the design and artist portrait rights of images directly uploaded by users. If the image received contains pornographic, hate, profanity, portrait rights or copyrights infringements, and is thus deemed unsuitable for the ad, the Mubeat administrator may suspend the project.


In what cases does a fandom ad project fail?

Fandom ad project will fail under the cases below.

- Inability to acquire the required number of Beats within the project deadline

- Inability to enter the TOP 5, amongst projects in the same ad area and time period

- In the case where the project has been closed due to a violation of operational policies

In the case of a failed fandom ad, in-app purchased Star Beats used will be returned to the user, while free Heart Beats used will not be returned. 

In the case where the administrator has ended the project, both Star and Heart Beats will be returned to the user.