2019. 10. 21
[EVENT] Watch videos for 7 consecutive days and get Beats! (~ 11/5 KST)

Drop the Beat!

Watch videos for 7 consecutive days and get Beats!

How to participate

1. Watch 1 of your favorite videos for more than a minute every day for 7 days.

2. Check your Heart Beats in the My Beats page after the event has ended.

# A bundle of Beats will be given to winners on the 7th of November (KST)

# You can check your Heart Beats at My Page> My Beats

# More than 1 minute for 1 video has to be watched for it to be counted.

# Heart Beats are valid for 30 days from the obtained date (KST)

Event period

22nd October ~ 5th November (KST)

yesWhat are Beats?

Mubeat Beats are points that users can obtain and use in Mubeat. The types of Beats are as follows!


Mubeat points that can be obtained for free by watching video ads in the Mubeat Store.

Mubeat points that can be purchased in the Mubeat Store.

yes Where is Mubeat Store?

yes Where can I check my Beats?

yesTips on using Beats!

Star and Heart Beats obtained allow users to directly publish special ads for artists on Mubeat!

heartCommemorate and celebrate artist's various anniversaries such as birthdays, comebacks, debut anniversaries, and more with other fans with Mubeat fandom ad! heart

yesWhere is Fandom Ad?