Which areas can I publish fandom ads?

Fandom ads can be published in the areas stated below. The required Beats for the respective ad areas are different.


 Home banner

 Required Beats: 45,000 Beats (Star & Heart Beats) _x000d_

 Banner found in the Home section of Mubeat. When clicked on the home banner, users are directed to the project information page.


 Channel pop-up

 Required Beats: 35,000 Beats (Star & Heart Beats)_x000d_

 Pop-up that is shown on the project artist's channel.

Video ad

Required Beats: 200,000 (Star Beats)

This Video ad appears on the Mubeat Store Beat charging tab screen.

Home YouTube MV ad

Required Beats: 50, 000 (Star Beats)

This MV ad appears on the Mubeat home page. 1 Heart Beat is given to users who watch the MV during the ad period. Ads are guaranteed to have a minimum of 50,000 clicks. The reflection of MV views follows the basic YouTube policy.

Subway ad

This Subway ad is displayed in Seoul and vary depending on the ad location, length, and type so check the promotion notice for that month for more details on required Beats."