What is the difference between Star Beats and Heart Beats?

Heart Beats

Heart Beats are points used in Mubeat that are obtained for free.

Free obtaining method:

1) Watch video ads

APP>Store>Watch a video ad on Get Beats page to obtain free Heart Beats. Video ads can be watched up to 15 times per day, with 3 Heart Beats obtained per video ad watched. The number of times video ads can be watched is reset every day at 00:00 (KST). Heart Beats obtained for free expire within 90 days (KST).

2) Participate in Offerwall missions

APP> Store> Get Beats > the Offerwall page will be shown. Participate in missions and fullfill the mission requirements to receive Heart Beats.

Star Beats

Star Beats are points used in Mubeat that are obtained through in-app purchasing.

In-app purchasing method: APP>Store>Purchase Star Beats package on the bottom portion of Get Beats page. In-app purchased Star Beats do not have an expiry date.

*Start Beats cannot be exchanged into Heart Beats.