2019. 10. 01
[Monthly Chart, SEPTEMBER] BTS takes 1st place in both the Song and Artist section of SEPTEMBER]Mubeat Chart

[Monthly Chart, September] 


BTS takes 1st place in both the Song and Artist section of September Mubeat Chart 

-Introducing Mubeat Monthly Chart Song and Artist rankings


The Mubeat Monthly chart rankings for the month of September have been released. BTS maintained their top spot in both the song and artist chart rankings. Following the month of August, BTS swept the chart that has 100 rankings, taking 1st place with ‘Go Go’, 2nd place with ‘FAKE LOVE’ and 3rd place with ‘Boy With Luv’. Other than that, ‘Anpanman’, ‘No More Dream’, ‘IDOL’ and ‘Dionysus’ did not lose their places in the Top 10 as well.

BLACKPINK, a global girl group who is gaining recognition as a worldwide KPOP artist, took the 4th place with their song ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, climbing two whole spots since August. ‘Kill This Love’ also maintained its 10th place this month.

Additionally, one song that has been gaining attention in the Mubeat chart is EVERGLOW’s ‘Adios’ which won them their first 1st place in a music broadcasting show ever since their debut. Fans have been praising the song, stating that, “the intense beat and chic charms of EVERGLOW’s ‘Adios’ really go well with the members”, and more.


Photo: Mubeat Chart

On another note, in Mubeat charts Artist section that consists of 50 rankings, ‘BTS’ took 1st place, 2nd place was ‘BLACKPINK’, 3rd place was ‘TWICE’,4th place was ‘EXO’, 5th place was ‘SEVENTEEN’, 6th place was ‘EVERGLOW’, 7th place was ‘AKMU’21, 8th place was ‘TXT’1, 9th place was ‘GOT7’1 and 10th place was ‘Stray Kids’2.

Photo: Mubeat Chart

Other than being reflected in the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly song charts in the Mubeat app, video streaming views of your favorite artists in the Mubeat app are also reflected in the combined data for the Gaon Social Chart 2.0.

Therefore, to increase or maintain the ranks of KPOP fans’ artists, fans can increase the video views of their respective favorite artists by streaming their videos in the Mubeat app.