2019. 08. 12
[Mubeat Article] KPOP Video Platform, Mubeat, launches in Southeast Asia

[Mubeat Article]

KPOP Video Platform, Mubeat, launches in Southeast Asia

-Extended launches in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Iraq.

KPOP video platform, Mubeat, has further launched its services in Southeast Asia and Oceania. The app has extended its launch in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and, Iraq. A Mubeat official stated that many KPOP fans have been requesting the launch of Mubeat services in countries with strong KPOP fandom cultures such as Southeast Asia, leading to the extended launch of the service. 


Mubeat, which has  hit a record of 1.2 million downloads since launching the Mubeat beta service in April of 2018, is a one-stop service exclusively for KPOP fans that provides music show videos categorized according to artists and members, from various broadcasting stations such as MBC, SBS, KBS, MBCPlus and SBSPlus. Music videos and variety videos of artists such as BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, TWICE, TXT, ITZY, and more dating from their debuts to their latest promotions can be found on Mubeat, along with Focused Cams, exclusive contents created by Mubeat, interview videos of artists, and exclusive contents. 

Mubeat has been providing manual subtitles in Korean, English, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish for its Brazilian, Russian, Mexican, and American users. Additionally, Mubeat also provides auto-generated subtitles in 48 languages, allowing for KPOP fans all over the world to fully understand and enjoy variety videos and music videos featuring their favorite artists. Apart from the subtitles, Mubeat also provides ‘Romanization’ for music videos so that fans can sing along to their favorite songs. 

All music videos are categorized by groups, members, and albums, making it extremely easy and convenient to find videos. With Focused Cams, where individual members are filmed vertically and horizontal video viewing optimized for smartphones, users can watch their favorite artists by following them from side to side on their smartphones. 

Through Communities categorized by artists and members, fans from all over the world can share their love for their favorite artists. For example, the BTS Community currently has 440,000 actively participating followers. Followers can share specific scenes of their favorite artists with other fans by timestamping videos or share their thoughts on their favorite artists and other topics in these Communities.  


The real-time Mubeat charts can be checked daily, weekly, and monthly, and fans who want to raise their artists’ rankings can do so by frequently watching the respective artists’ videos on Mubeat. In particular, music video views in Mubeat are reflected in the Gaon Social Chart 2.0.

In addition, Mubeat also provides the latest KPOP news for overseas fans. Fans are able to receive real-time push notifications of their favorite artists’ latest videos, comeback stage, anniversaries and more. Mubeat also provides KPOP newsletters where fans can learn about the latest KPOP news. Aside from learning about the latest KPOP news, fans can put their KPOP knowledge and love to the test by taking part in the ‘KPOP QUIZ’ which comes out in a variety of different versions. Furthermore, Mubeat is planning to launch a fandom ad project for global fans to show support for their favorite artists. 

Mubeat is providing all these functions and contents free of charge. However, if users want to enjoy more functions, they can purchase the paid version, Mubeat+.


The premium service that Mubeat had launched on the 1st of April 2019, Mubeat+, is comprised of an advertisement-free, video download function that can play videos without Internet connection, FULL HD video service, subtitles, TV connection function that allows KPOP videos to be streamed on the TV screen, and more. 

Mubeat’s premium service can be enjoyed at a monthly flat fee ($4.99/month $3.99/ subscription). Currently, there is an ongoing one-month free trial of Mubeat+ event.