2019. 08. 06
[Monthly Chart, JULY] BTS ‘Go Go’ takes 1st place in the July Mubeat Monthly Chart

[Monthly Chart, JULY]


BTS ‘Go Go’ takes 1st place in the July Mubeat Monthly Chart

-2nd place is ‘FAKE LOVE’, 3rd place is ‘Boy With Luv’

The highly-anticipated song that took the 1st place in the July Mubeat Monthly chart is BTS ‘Go Go’. BTS not only took the 1st place, but also took up several spots in the TOP 10, catching much attention from global fans. 

Particularly, ‘FAKE LOVE’ and ‘Boy With Luv’, placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Other than that, songs from BTS past albums to recent songs like ‘No More Dream’, ‘IDOL’, ‘N.O’, ‘Anpanman’ and ‘Dionysus’ have swept the TOP 10 of the Mubeat chart.

Additionally, BLACKPINK secured their spots in the top ranks with ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ and ‘Kill This Love’ which placed 7th and 8th place respectively in the Mubeat Monthly chart which is based on a total of 100 places. (G)I-DLE ‘Uh-Oh’ which took the 12th place, has also caught the eyes of many in the midst of the outstanding artists who have placed in the top ranks.

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Photo: Mubeat Chart

On the other hand, other than being reflected in the daily, weekly, and monthly charts in the Mubeat app, video streaming views in the Mubeat app are also reflected in the combined data for the Gaon Social Chart 2.0.

Korean pop music chart, Gaon Chart, underwent a reorganization in the month of July. The reorganized Social Chart 2.0 is now based on the combined artist-centered data instead of song-centered data. 

Social Chart 2.0 reflects the combined data not only from the Mubeat app, but also from other social charts. 

Increasing video views of group or solo artists on the Mubeat app will result in a more favorable reflection in the Gaon Chart.