2019. 06. 24
[Weekly Chart 3rd week, JUNE] ATEEZ ‘WAVE’ Achieving 9th Place on the 3rd Week of June Mubeat Chart

[Weekly Chart 3rd week, JUNE] 


ATEEZ ‘WAVE’ Achieving 9th Place on the 3rd Week of June Mubeat Chart

-1st Place is BTS ‘Go Go’, 2nd place is ‘Boy With Luv’


The boy group ATEEZ ‘WAVE’ has achieved a 9th place on Mubeat chart. In less than 2 weeks since their comeback, they have entered the top 10% of the chart.

The song that featured 1st place is BTS ‘Go Go’, 2nd place ‘Boy With Luv’, 3rd place ‘FAKE LOVE’, 4th place ‘IDOL’, 5th place ‘Anpanman’.

Unfortunately, BLACKPINK ‘Kill This Love’, which featured on 5th place on the 2nd week of June has been pushed out to 6th place this week.

Photo: Mubeat APP Chart

Meanwhile, ATEEZ has released their third mini-album, ‘TREASURE EP.3 : One To All’, on the 10th.

The mini-album consists of ‘WAVE’, which has featured on the 9th place of Mubeat chart and ‘ILLUSION’ as a double title. It has expressed ATEEZ’s unique concept with side tracks of ‘UTOPIA’, ‘Crescent’, ‘AURORA’, which shows their different sides as well.

ateez treasure

Photo: ATEEZ Homepage

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