2019. 06. 17
[Weekly Chart 2nd week, JUNE] ONEUS ‘Twilight’ Entering Mubeat Chart TOP 10

[Weekly Chart 2nd week, JUNE]


ONEUS ‘Twilight’ Entering Mubeat Chart TOP 10

-1st Place BTS ‘Go Go’, 2nd place ‘Boy With Luv’


The boy group ONEUS has successfully entered Mubeat Weekly chart Top 10 after surpassing so many outstanding KPOP artists.

1st place was BTS ‘Go Go’, 2nd place was ‘Boy With Luv’, BTS still proving its stance as a global artist.

Moreover, ‘Fake Love’ for 3rd place, ‘IDOL’ for 4th place ,BLACKPINK ‘Kill This Love’ 5th place, has featured the Mubeat chart.

Photo: Mubeat APP Chart

The boy group that won the 10th place, ONEUS, made their comeback on the 29th with ‘RAISE US’. The main keyword of the song is ‘time’, which is a motive from a French adage of ‘between dog and wolf’ where the theme lies in ‘light’ from the sunset and the sun.

The album’s title song which has featured on the 10th place of Mubeat chart is ‘Twilight.’ Producer Kim Do Hoon composed and wrote the song and the making of choreography was participated by a worldwide choreographer, Keone Madrid. Especially, ‘Twilight’ is a song compares a broken up couple to the sun.

Photo: ONEUS Official Twitter

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